Traina Thoughts: Video Of Brother Trying To Save Sister Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

This Jim Ross dub is the best thing you'll see today.
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1. A video of a little brother coming out of nowhere to help his sister because he thought she was in trouble, even though she was just in a wrestling match, would be an excellent piece of content as is. But when said video gets the Jim Ross treatment, as you'll see above, you have a piece of Internet gold.

2. This week's Off The Board podcast is a tribute to Mike Francesa, who departs WFAN on Friday after 30 years behind the mic. Newsday's Neil Best, who is the top authority on all Mike news, talks about why Mike didn't remain at the station after Craig Carton was arrested and breaks down the possibility of a Mike and the Mad Dog reunion. Superfan and Good Morning Football host, Peter Schager, came on to reminisce about Mike's most memorable moments. Lastly, my colleague, Chris Chavez, joined the show to interview me about my over-the-top Francesa fandom. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

3. I know I just did a one-hour tribute show to Francesa, so maybe I'm not the right person to tell someone to get a grip, but this guy who called Mike yesterday and started crying over the host's departure probably should get a grip.

4. Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley was suspended last month for violating the NFL's drug policy. Kerley spoke to the media on Wednesday and offered up the worst excuse ever for failing a drug test.

5. Another day, another social media win for Joel Embiid.

6. Aaron Rodgers is REALLY excited to come back from his injury this Sunday.

7. The 28-3 jokes are a tad old by now, but, it's hard not to give Julian Edelman credit for creativity here.

8. RANDOM MIKE FRANCESA VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mike legitimately thinks he's an NFL coach/GM.

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BONUS ITEM: Disgusting game tonight, but I'll take the Broncos -2.5 at the Colts.