Friday's Hot Clicks: Carey Murphy; Colts Fans Get Married On Field Before Game

In Friday's Hot Clicks, we look at the romance between two Colts fans and their Thursday Night Football wedding.
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Broncos beat Colts, couple gets married on field before game

Brock Osweiler led the Broncos to a victory over the Colts in a battle of two teams going nowhere. I just spent 10 minutes looking for interesting links from the game and there were none (unless you care about Vance Joseph's future as Denver's coach). Except, of course, the couple who got married on the field before the game. Seriously. It happened in one of the end zones and Colts’ mascot Blue “officiated” the ceremony. I hope they live happily ever after.

Darren Rovell accidentally catches Pitt in recruiting violation

Darren Rovell's  idea of a “boss recruiting move” by the Pittsburgh coaching staff was actually a recruiting violation. Since you asked, I'm a big Rovell fan. When I was in Journalism School many years ago, I emailed him for advice. He called back and spent 15 minutes with me on the phone. At the time, I was a total nobody (insert "you're still a nobody" jokes here) and he still made time to talk to me. It meant a lot, so I'm forever on Team Rovell.

Have you read the Boston Globe exposé on ESPN?

This is not a good day to be John Buccigross.

We are making history today at Hot Clicks with our first ever Zimbabwe native as LLOD. She may even end up in the 2018 SI Swimsuit issue. Congrats, Carey Murphy (click for full-size gallery). 

Golfers have gross hands

I never really thought about golfer's hands until Alex Noren posted this photo. There are many calluses. It's pretty gross.

Ultimate Frisbee 101

The Daily Mail has an article on the best sport nobody talks about—Ultimate Fisbee. Now they just need to write about Frisbee Golf and they've covered all my favorite frisbee-related activities.

Grading the 2017 college football hires

I hope Herm Edwards doesn't see these grades!

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A-Rod the commencement speaker

Word of the Year

Odds & Ends

This video of a brother trying to save his sister during a wrestling match is everything ... The latest update on Ronda Rousey joining WWE ... This soccer own-goal looked plenty painful ... Playoff percentages for all 21 NFL teams still in the race ... Warren Sapp says there's a big hole in the vibrator story ... Steve Kerr will hold his radio interviews anywhere he likes ... Chris Long continues to be one of the NFL's best Twitter follows ... LeBron James and Lonzo Ball's tight-lipped conversation was turned into a meme ... Dustin Hoffman is kind of a scumbag ... The Simpsons and Family Guy could be on the move after Fox/Disney merger ... The top 10 movies of 2017 ... EW has a review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Ugly shot. Pretty result.

A kiss from Kevin Durant


Joel Embiid, long-range shooter

Love this wish

If you see one volleyball movie this spring...

Private Eyes

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