ESPN's 'Get Up' ratings continue to drop; Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle - Sports Illustrated

1. ESPN's new morning show, "Get Up," closed out its third week on the air today. Three weeks is still not a enough time to fully judge a show, but when it comes the ratings, the news is going from bad to worse for Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose. 

The debut episode drew 283,000 viewers. This Tuesday's episode drew 233,000 viewers while Wednesday's show pulled in 243,000 viewers. The show is not picking up viewers, which would've been expected with the NBA playoffs going on. The other problem for the World Wide Leader is that the show has no momentum, no buzz. As unbelievably awful as shows like "Undisputed" and "First Take" are, people are at least talking about them, even if they're mocking them. The savages on social media aren't even doing that with "Get Up." It's just ... there. 

While most people would agree the traditional "SportsCenter" format is out of date in this era of getting any information at any time you want, the cry from people who want a regular, nuts-and-bolts sports show in the morning has been loud. Is "Get Up's" problem that people don't like the format or that they don't like the hosts?  That's a question ESPN better find out the answer to sooner rather than later because those hosts are making $14.5 million dollars combined to bring in a number that a much cheaper show could bring in.

You can hear "New York Post" media reporter, Andrew Marchand, discuss the problems with "Get Up" as well as what's going on with the "Monday Night Football" booth, Mike Francesa's future and more on the latest SI Media Podcast below, or you can download it on iTunes.

2. It's never too early to handicap. With the NFL releasing the 2018 schedule last night, BetOnline.AG passes along the Week 1 lines:

Philadelphia -4½ vs. Atlanta (Thursday night)
Pittsburgh -6½ vs. Cleveland
Minnesota -5 vs. San Francisco
Indianapolis 1½ vs. Cincinnati
Baltimore -3 vs. Buffalo
Jacksonville -3 at New York Giants
New Orleans -7 vs. Tampa Bay
New England -6½ vs. Houston
Tennessee -1½ at Miami
LA Chargers -3 vs. Kansas City
Denver -1 vs. Seattle
Carolina -2½ vs. Dallas
Arizona PICK vs. Washington
Green Bay -8 vs. Chicago (Sunday night)
Detroit -6½ vs. New York Jets (Monday night)
LA Rams PICK at Oakland (Monday night)

3. TNT's Allie LaForce took to Twitter last night to address what had happened the previous evening regarding her postgame interview with LeBron James, which we detailed in yesterday's Traina Thoughts.

4. Austin Powers famously asked "Who throws a shoe?"

Now, in the NBA, we can ask, "Who steps on a man's mask? Honestly?"

5. Former NFL offensive lineman Evan Mathis, who spent the majority of his career with the Eagles, just sold his 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card for $2.88 million

6. This is outstanding Internetting.

7. "Mike Francesa" called into Chris Russo's SiriusXM show yesterday for 8-minutes of vintage Mike and the Mad Dog.

8. This video of Prince singing "Nothing Compares 2 U" in 1984 hit YouTube yesterday and people can't get enough of it. 

9.RANDOM "THE OFFICE" VIDEO OF THE DAY: There was only one choice to feature here on 4/20.

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