Weekend Hot Clicks: It's Iceland-Mania!

The World Cup is just getting underway, but we might already have one of the biggest stories of the tournament in upstart Iceland.
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Gummi Ben!

Iceland is the smallest nation to ever qualify for the World Cup but its first-ever goal was met with a not-so-small reaction from legendary announcer Guomundur “Gummi Ben” Benediktsson. Fans back in Reykjavik went ballistic.

The country that keeps on giving

We could have an entire Iceland Hot Clicks. The team goalkeeper—who stopped Messi’s point-blank penalty kick in their 1-1 draw—doubles as a movie director.

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SI’s Planet Futbol team is crushing World Cup coverage.

No zoo for Kawhi

The San Antonio Zoo is not taking the Kawhi Leonard trade request news well.

Big 12 throwbacks

Throwback uniforms that Big 12 teams should wear this season, including ones from Tomlinson’s TCU days.

Brooklyn Decker

Seems safe

Sign. Me. Up.

He’s still swimming...

Last week, I included the story of Ben Lecomte, the French endurance swimmer, who’s attempting to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Yep, he’s still going:

Odds and Ends

Nigeria soccer fans are not allowed to bring live chickens in stadiums ... Bad Lip Reading for 2017-18 NBA season ... Latest NBA mock drafts, rumors, etc. ... Remember J.J. Hickson? He was arrested for armed robbery … Landon Donovan explained how to fix U.S. soccer and get it back to a World Cup ... The Portuguese broadcaster lost his mind when Ronaldo completed the hat trick ... A little kid accidentally knocked over a $132,000 sculpture at a museum and the parents might have to pay for it.

Pure nightmare fuel

I accidentally stumbled across the trailer for The Nun. I don’t know why I watched the entire thing.

Bull Durham

Friday was the 30th anniversary of the release of Bull Durham. Check out the film’s original trailer:

Will never cease to amaze me

Peterson can run faster sideways and backward than I can forward.

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