• Comedian Desus joins Charlotte Wilder to discuss several topics including all-time great sports beefs and why Charlotte is not allowed inside Madison Square Garden.
By Charlotte Wilder
July 10, 2018

Hey! I’m Charlotte Wilder, a Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated, and I’m so thrilled to welcome you to the first episode of The Wilder Project. This is the new, weekly show that I’ll be hosting here at SI. The best description is that it’s basically my Twitter feed brought to life, but hopefully way better, smarter, funnier and less heavy on terrible puns. Although I can’t promise anything.

Here’s how it’s going to work: Each week we’re going to have a different special guest on, and I’ll riff with them about that week’s theme and some recent news stories that I’m just dying to talk about. I’ll end with some thoughts, and we may even sprinkle in a few in-the-field segments here and there. You never know. Wilder things have happened (sorry).

I’m thrilled that my first guest is Desus, the incredibly funny comedian who co-hosts the podcast Bodega Boys with The Kid Mero, as well as the show Desus & Mero on Viceland that recently ended when the duo signed a deal with Showtime to develop a yet-to-be-named but definitely-to-be-great weekly program. Desus and I have known each other for a while through the Twittersphere (gross word, I know—again, my apologies), and it was super fun to get to joke around with him about this week’s theme, all-time great sports beefs. We chatted about how I’m not allowed at Madison Square Garden anymore, how he and Mero want to buy the Knicks, how Tom Brady listens to his podcast, and why Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s fight ended too soon.

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This episode is free, because we wanted to convince you guys that you should come back to watch more, but the ensuing ones will be behind a paywall. It’s only $5 a month to subscribe to SI TV -- available here at SI.TVAmazon ChannelsFuboTV and coming soon on more platforms -- though, which is about one beer at happy hour, or, like, two coffees. AND, not only do you get to watch my show, you get to watch all the other great shows Sports Illustrated puts out (like The Crossover TV, Planet Futbol and many more), as well as our impressive documentaries (like Losing Tyler and 89 Blocks) and a select few sports films each month. Right now you can watch Raging Bull, for example. A classic. Do it. Start a seven-day free trial. Subscribe.

It’s been so much fun to work on and shoot The Wilder Project; I hope you like watching it as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing it get off the ground. Our team of producers, led by Luke Wahl, is incredible. I’m so grateful that they let me get a poster of a guy on a jet ski and a t-shirt with Matthew McConaughey's face on it for the set.

Anyway, can’t wait to show you guys the next episode. We’ve got some fun stuff planned. Thanks for giving this a chance—hopefully it’ll (puts on sunglasses) only get Wilder (winks, chugs a beer).

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