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Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy threatens media with loss of player access.

By Jimmy Traina
September 27, 2018

1. Mike Gundy, who is best known for an over-the-top, unstable rant instead of actually winning (zero national titles, zero playoff appearances, one Big 12 championship in 13 seasons), has pulled yet another bush-league move. This time, he's threatening to pull the media's access to players if they dare ask a very valid question.

Senior wide receiver Jalen McCleskey made the decision to redshirt and transfer, but Gundy does not want reporters asking his teammates about it. College coaches ditch kids for bigger paying jobs constantly, college coaches berate and verbally abuse players on a regular basis. But a question about a teammate bolting the school is where the line gets drawn?

Oklahoma State's paper, The O'Colly, has the full recap of Gundy's plot and it's worth your time.

Gundy, of course, didn't have the guts to threaten the media personally. He sent his media relations coordinator to do his dirty work. 

The worst part of this story is that the media buckled and no one asked any Oklahoma State players about McCleskey. Every single media person in Stillwater that day should've asked players about McCleskey and forced Gundy to ban them all, but at least the kids at The O'Colly were brave enough to reveal the entire story.

2. A la carte games are coming to the NBA. The forward-thinking league is offering fans a chance to watch any game starting in the fourth quarter for $1.99.

3. You've never seen a ground ball like this.

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Spin move.

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4. Despite what ESPN wants you to think here is more proof that nobody in America cares about Alex Rodriguez.

5. The Dan Le Batard Show put Kawhi Leonard's memorable press conference to music and it's mesmerizing.

6. There are many surreal stats regarding Jacob deGrom's season, but this recap of his 32 outings sums up why he should be the NL Cy Young winner.

7. Monday Night Football play-by-play man Joe Tessitore told me on the latest SI Media Podcast that his dream job would be calling a WWE match. He also revelaed the sport he never wants to call and the sport he wishes he was good enough to call. You can listen to the full podcast below or download it on iTunes.

8. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: I watched the "Drug Testing" episode of The Office last night. I think this was Rainn Wilson's best performance in the show's history (after maybe the opening of "Stress Relief.")


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IN CLOSING: Rams won't have Aqib Talib or Marcus Peters on Thursday night, but they'll still cover the 7.5-point spread.

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