Weekend Hot Clicks: Ryder Cup Roundup; More Bad News for Kevin Ollie

Your Ryder Cup roundup, more bad news for Kevin Ollie and Connecticut's choice of Halloween candy is, erhm, not good.  
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Ryder Cup Roundup

First, with the Ryder Cup in France, you must have the TV schedule handy ... Rory McIlroy crapped on hecklers with a huge putt and smack talk of his own ... U.S. and European teams halved a hole with triple bogeys ... Phil Mickelson was benched.

Sell Connecticut to Canada

Here is the most popular Halloween candy in each state and I’ve never hated Connecticut more.

Kevin Ollie in trouble

More bad news for the unemployed Kevin Ollie: The NCAA issued an unethical conduct charge against him that could keep him out of college basketball for a long time.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Netflix is bringing Sabrina back next month...but with a horrific twist.

It’s always Bracketology season

Six months until Selection Sunday...but it’s never too early for Preseason Bracketology.

Chase Carter

I can’t stop looking at this picture

Best of luck Alex

These were stunning

Odds and Ends

Gallery: College football cheerleaders of Week 4 ... There’s a real chance that Chip Kelly could go 0-12 this year ... Need a fantasy breakout star? Check out these guys in Week 4 … This guy won the lottery using fortune cookie numbers ... ICYMI: Lauri Markkanen could be out for two months with an elbow injury ... Quiz: Can you name the alma mater of each NFL starting QB? ... GameDay cut from a proposal to a "My Wife Left Me" sign.

Hat tip to you

This is wild

Happy 65th Anny

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