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Jemele Hill got hired by 'The Atlantic' and it caused major confusion for many people.

By Jimmy Traina
October 02, 2018

1. It was announced Monday that The Atlantic has hired former ESPN personality Jemele Hill. 

Given that The Athletic is constantly hiring writers away from other sports media companies (Hi, Richard Deitsch! Miss you.), many people immediately assumed Hill was joining the pay site. Of course, people not reading things clearly on Twitter was also a factor, but the bottom line is that anarchy ensued Monday. 

Not to pat myself on the back, but I knew right away the mix up was going to be a thing.

I got many replies and DMs from readers and people in sports media telling me they thought she had joined The Athletic until they read my tweet.

However, I didn't realize someone would actually be so confused they'd cancel their Athletic subscription.

It wasn't just haters who made the mistake. Hill fans botched things, as well.

And so did one of the biggest sports media companies in the world.

Things got so bad, even Hill had to send up a PSA.

2. It would be impossible to sum up everything Patrick Mahomes did Monday night, but here's a condensed summary:

He also saved the game by completing a pass left-handed, and most important, helped the Chiefs cover the 3.5-point spread.

Getty Images

This photo basically sums it all up.

3. It's a new season, so Joel Embiid has new materal. Monday night, he took to Instagram to tell Magic rookie Mo Bamba that he was "BBQ chicken."

4. Scott Van Pelt gives us all a lesson on what is and isn't a bad beat in this week's edition of "Bad Beats."

5. Monday Night Raw was in Seattle this week, so Elias took a shot at the SuperSonics, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Listen to how long that boo lasted. Also, props to Renee Young for the excellent Detlef Schremp reference.

6. If this is how Brewers slugger Eric Thames celebrates Game 163, I'd love to see what he does if Milwaukee wins a playoff series.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since 91-year-old Tommy Lasorda partied with the Dodgers on Monday after they beat the Rockies in Game 163, I thought I'd feature a vintage clip of the former L.A. skipper.

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IN CLOSING: I'm just not ready offer a definitive take on the new Monday Night Football booth, but I'll say this: It's not working and the reason is because it's three people instead of two.

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