This is why you have a preseason, so you can remember how to dress yourself.

By Dan Gartland
October 03, 2018

Forgetting something?

I bring my computer home from work every day so I can write this column as soon as I wake up, and now that I’ve been doing it for a few months it’s just a regular part of my routine. But there was one day when I had first started that I finished Hot Clicks, showered and got on the train, only to arrive at the office and realize I’d forgotten my computer at home. 

I imagine that’s sort of how Hornets guard Malik Monk felt when he took off his warmup shirt by the scorer’s table last night. Monk was trying to check into the game but was only wearing an undershirt. 

This is why you have a preseason, so you can remember how to dress yourself.

MLB produced the perfect hype video for playoff baseball...

I’m cautiously optimistic that baseball will stop being so stuck up some time in the next five years. This video is full of the game’s young stars having fun and ignoring the unwritten rules. Hopefully when guys like Brian McCann and Madison Bumgarner are out of the league that won’t be frowned upon anymore. 

...and the playoffs are off to a thrilling start

The Rockies squeezed past the Cubs in 13 innings, 2–1, thanks to a two-out, two-strike knock by third catcher Tony Wolters. The low score doesn’t do the game justice, though. There was plenty of drama throughout, with both teams squandering prime scoring chances. Oh, and Javier Baez hugged Nolan Arenado to break up a double play opportunity and nobody did anything about it. 

Bits & Pieces

Former New York radio host and alleged scammer Craig Carton pretended to be a producer for Hamilton as part of the scam, prosecutors allege. ... Ichiro will be on the Mariners’ roster when they open the regular season next year in Japan. ... Seattle is extremely, extremely close to getting an NHL expansion team. ... Kanye West thinks LeBron never should have left Cleveland, so I think we can all agree it was a good idea for LeBron to leave Cleveland. ... Officials in Arkansas have ruled out Satan as the cause of a massive flaming sinkhole. ... Canucks veterans have officially banned their younger teammates from playing Fortnite on road trips. ... An elected official in Florida resigned after she allegedly stunk up a hotel room with weed so badly that it had to be cleaned professionally.

Hockey is back tonight

Martellus Bennett is living the good life

Rutgers “only” threw three picks vs. the Jayhawks, but point well taken

I linked to this story on Monday but this anecdote is also worth highlighting

Shooting a long two is a misdemeanor in Houston

Paul Pierce has a very bad Flat Earth take

Gritty, Welcome to The Resistance

Protesters speaking out against President Trump during his visit to Philadelphia yesterday co-opted the image of the city’s new hero—Gritty. The Flyers mascot was featured prominently on posters the activists carried, including at least one that noted that the rotund orange creature and the mascot look awfully similar. 

Busy off day for the A’s Wild Card starter

Japan continues to do things better than North America could imagine

Fans in Europe are something else, man

Flight makes emergency stop after man refuses to stop doing pull-ups on the plane

A good song

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