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Alabama coach Nick Saban is angry about lack of attendance at a recent thumping of Louisiana Lafayette.

By Jimmy Traina
October 04, 2018

1. Nick Saban—one of the most unlikable people in all of sports—is angry.

Of course, since he's a football coach, his reason for being angry is ridiculous. You see, Saban is all pissy because some Alabama fans decided to skip Saturday's game against Louisiana Lafayette. The Crimson Tide were 49-point favorites and won the game 56-14, yet Saban is ticked off because fans didn't waste four hours of their Saturday watching nonsense.

Yes, his players do work hard and should be supported, but the fans also work hard during the week and they can do whatever they want with their lives and their free time on a Saturday and aren't obligated to sit through a useless football game.

Yes, Nick Saban, who makes $8.3 million this season, is going to lecture people for not showing up to what is in reality an exhibition game. Get over yourself.

2. This is an absolutely stunning quote from A's pitcher Fernando Rodney.

Aaron Judge's home run happened in the FIRST INNING. Rodney, down 2-0 in the first inning, basically gave up on his team? And admitted it? Wow. The quote is even more damning since Rodney entered the game in the sixth inning and gave up two runs without recording an out.

3. The single-best moment in Wednesday night's A's-Yankees game was Aroldis Chapman's reaction to Giancarlo Stanton's mammoth home run.

After seeing this photo this morning, I'm not surprised Stanton can hit a ball like that.

4. Two weeks ago, Jets running back Isaiah Crowell scored a touchdown and celebrated by pretending to wipe his butt with the ball.

Crowell has now parlayed that move into an endorsement deal with a company called Dude Wipes.

And that has led to the single dumbest take on the internet today.

You would think Crowell rubbed actual feces on the ball based on this reaction. 

5. Here are two good tweets.

6. NFL ratings are up across the board this season. Why? Is this a surprise? Will it last? I discussed all of this and more (including where ESPN's new Monday Night Football booth is at after four weeks) with Sports Business Journal's John Ourand on the latest SI Media Podcast. The show also features an interview with TBS's Brian Anderson, who will call Yankees-Red Sox followed by the ALCS. You can llisten to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: On this date in 2003, the Marlins eliminated the Giants with a win in the NLDS. The following day Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, a huge San Francisco fan, got on WFAN in New York and unleashed one of the greatest rants in radio history.

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IN CLOSING: There's nothing dumber than betting against the Patriots. Having said that, I'm taking the Colts +10.5 on Thursday night.

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