Matt Barnes isn’t buying that new angle of the classic Kobe GIF. 

By Dan Gartland
October 04, 2018

Matt Barnes isn’t buying that new angle of Kobe not flinching

The video above is a classic clip of both Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes’s careers. Barnes sticks the ball a matter of inches from Kobe’s face and Kobe hardly even blinks. Ever since it happened in March 2010, it’s been viewed as a classic example of Kobe being tough and unflappable, and Barnes being a Grade-A pest. 

But new evidence resurfaced this week paints a much different story.

To me it still looks like classic Kobe—he’s acting fake-tough and not playing defense. Barnes, though, sees it differently. He told TMZ that he thinks the more popular angle still tells an accurate story. 

“As far as I know, that s--- went in his face and he didn’t flinch,” Barnes said. “I thought that was a dead story.”

I guess we’ll have to breakdown that grainy Twitter video like the Zapruder film to reach a conclusion. 

Yankees win, bring on the Red Sox

The Yankees beat the A’s fairly easily in the AL Wild Card Game last night to advance to the ALDS against the Red Sox. Game 1 is tomorrow at 7:30 ET. 

The crowd in the Bronx was ready to explode right from the first pitch and erupted after Aaron Judge blasted a homer to deep left. 

The fans were on their feet for most of the game, chanting “We want Boston” throughout. 

And now they’ll get their wish, even though it seems sacrilegious for the Yankees and Red Sox to play just a five-game series. My extremely biased take? The Yankees are built better for postseason success than the Red Sox (power up and down the lineup, a dominant bullpen) and win in four or five games. 

Randy Edsall has the strangest nickel-and-dime contract

USA Today released its newest list of college football head coach salaries and UConn’s Randy Edsall has the most unusual contract by far. It’s literally the kind of thing you see in a video game, where achieving small in-game victories earn you bonus points. 

Bits & Pieces

Here are all the coolest giveaways across the NHL this season. ... The French gangster who escaped from prison in a helicopter has been apprehended. ... A high school cheerleader in Michigan allegedly handed out weed brownies in exchange for homecoming queen votes. ... Nick Saban is all mad that Alabama’s stadium wasn’t full of people who wanted to see the Tide thrash Louisiana-Lafayette.

Now we know who’s playing Larry Bird if they ever make a movie

A tale of two tweets

Good news: Your kid has a hobby. Bad news: The hobby is shredding stuff.

It reminds me of the woman who put 16 soccer tickets in the oven by accident

As one does

Steven Adams in the NBA’s most interesting man

What a grab!

Would you believe that was only Hechavarria’s fifth appearance at third base since 2012?

Flawless snipe by Auston Matthews

Turn your sound on for this one

But I still think the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” shovel is better.

Nicely done by the Golden Knights

This movie could easily win Best Picture

Colts defensive end asks Steve Harvey to find a man for his mom

See what happens on the newest episode of “Steve” today. 

A good song

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