1. When the Yankees completed their win against the A's on Wednesday night to set up a New York-Boston ALDS, you can be very confident that executives for TBS (which airs the AL playoffs) and for MLB basically turned into Meg Ryan during her famous scene in When Harry Met Sally.


Everyone outside of New York and Boston hates the Yankees and Red Sox, yet nothing in the sport draws ratings like the Yankees and Red Sox. 

So it's not a surprise that TBS would take advantage of the series by giving them a lot of primetime slots since nothing in sports matters more than money. However, the network is giving Yankees-Red Sox all the primetime slots, relegating the Astros-Indians to nothing but afternoon games. The Astros-Indians series can move to primetime if Yankees-Red Sox ends in three or four games, but if it goes five, here's what the schedules look like:

Game 1: 7:32 pm, Friday
Game 2: 8:15 pm, Saturday
Game 3: 7:40 pm, Monday
Game 4: 8:07 pm, Tuesday
Game 5: 7:40 pm. Thursday

Game 1: 2:05, Friday
Game 2: 4:37, Saturday
Game 3: 1:30, Monday
Game 4: 4:35, Tuesday
Game 5: 4:07 Thursday

I'm a die-hard Yankees fan and even I think TBS should've thrown Astros and Indians fans a bone by giving them at least one primetime slot, especially with four of the possible five games taking place during the week when people are at work and school.

Others felt the same way.

On the bright side, at least this guy isn't scheduling the MLB playoffs.

2. LeBron James showed up to the arena for Thursday night's preseason game in a Colin Kaepernick T-shirt.


3. NFL ratings are up across the board this season. Why? Is this a surprise? Will it last? I discussed all of this and more (including where ESPN's new Monday Night Football booth is at after four weeks) with Sports Business Journal's John Ourand on the latest SI Media Podcast. The show also features an interview with TBS's Brian Anderson, who will call Yankees-Red Sox followed by the ALCS. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

4. Ndamukong Suh is practicing how to sack the quarterback without driving him down to the ground with his body weight.

5. Joel Embiid is such a happy guy he even gives out kisses during games.

6. The Week 5 edition of The MMQB Gambling Podcast is live for your handicapping listening pleasure.

7. RANDOM YOU TUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: The WWE is celebrating the 1,000th episode of SmackDown a week from Tuesday. So let's close out the week with a vintage Rock promo in which he sings The Smackdown Hotel.

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