1. Poor Francis Albert Sinatra must be rolling over in his grave Wednesday morning. 

Not only did the Red Sox eliminate the Yankees in the Bronx on Tuesday night (how did Gary Sanchez's ninth-inning sac fly not go out?), they mercilessly twisted the knife in every New Yorker's back when they played "New York, New York" on repeat in the locker room during the postgame celebration.

The Red Sox player screaming, "TURN IT UP," is a true kick to the stomach of any Yankees fan.

However, if you're a Yankees fan, all you can do is tip your cap to the Red Sox and take the disrespect, because Aaron Judge supposedly started it. After New York took Game 2 in Boston, the slugger walked by the Red Sox clubhouse blasting the famous Sinatra tune that is played at Yankee Stadium after every Yankees game.

As a Yankees fan, Aaron Judge can do no wrong, but this is definitely a teachable moment. This is exactly why you don't taunt, talk trash or kick a team while it's down until a series is completely over. Did the Yankees lose because of this? Absolutely not. Are the Red Sox the better team? Absolutely. Did Judge playing a song have an affect on anything? No. But, clearly the Red Sox had that move in the back of their heads for the rest of the series.

Lastly: Go, Astros!

2. WWE superstar John Cena, who just released a children's picture book titled Elbow Grease, came to the podcast studio and was kind enough to give me 90 minutes for the newest SI Media Podcast. We covered much ground, but the highlight had to be our lengthy discussion about whether John Cena is and should be on dating sites, which begins at the 37:30 mark. Here is a full rundown of the podcast, which was a mix of interview and therapy session. 

6:50: His status with WWE.

9:03: His reputation for holding other talent back.

11:10: How being 41 years old has affected his wrestling career.

15:25: Did he have to convince Vince McMahon to let him be a part timer.

16:15: His heated promos with Roman Reigns.

18:15:  Why Roman Reigns has it tough.

22:50: Being “tremendously” misunderstood.

24:09: His new hair do.

25:14: Being insecure about his looks and dealing with criticism

27:00: Does he do his own social media and the philosophy behind his unique Instagram account.

35:00: His Total Divas character.

37:30: Can and should John Cena be on dating sites?

45:05: His tireless and historic work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

49:50: His favorite sports teams.

51:30: Dealing with fans in public.

55:12: Recently losing 20 pounds; what he eats each day.

59:11: Feelings on his WrestleMania match with The Undertaker and sitting with fans for most of the show.

1:02: What The Miz does so well and the Miz imitating Cena on Total Divas

1:06 What gets a wrestler “heat” in the locker room?

1:09: Can John Cena go into a bar and have a drink?

1:17: Have I slacked in pursuing an interview with The Rock?

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes. If you enjoy the interview, PLEASE subscribe and leave a review. It's tremendously helpful.

3. Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger got into a major Twitter beef with MLB Network's Robert Flores on Tuesday night after Flores posted a lighthearted video recapping the Indians' playoff loss to the Astros. Things escalated lightning fast, but ended with Clevenger and Flores hashing it all out via phone.

4. Blake Griffin has released a four-part series detailing his retirement—from comedy. The series features an arrary of stars, including Derek Jeter, Keegan-Michael Key, Neal Brennan, Kevin Love, Toby Keith, Kenny Mayne, Jack McBrayer, Conan O'Brien, Craig Robinson and Jeff Ross.

5. Astros third baseman Alex Bregman is becoming one of the faces of Major League Baseball because of his play on the field and his attitude away from the field.

He wasn't afraid to knock MLB for banishing the Astros to the afternoon for all its games against the Indians.

He wasn't afraid to let loose after Houston swept the Indians.

And he isn't afraid to be bold on Twitter.

6. Tom Brady's Instagram continues to be highly entertaining.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: John Cena couldn't openly admit on the SI Media Podcast that this Total Bellas scene about his house rules was scripted, but he kind of confirmed it when he said he couldn't remember his house rules. As I stated on the podcast, Cena deserved an Emmy nomination for this performance.

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IN CLOSING: I'll predict that much to the dismay of FOX, which is praying for Dodgers-Red Sox, it'll be a Brewers-Astros World Series.