The only hockey team in Kenya got to play its first competitive game—with a couple of ringers.

By Dan Gartland
October 16, 2018

The only hockey team in Kenya plays its first game—with a couple of ringers

I usually hate these videos engineered by corporations and their advertising agencies to tug at our heartstrings. But you know what? I love this. 

There’s no reason why a bunch of guys from Kenya should be such fanatical hockey fans when the game struggles to catch on in places where there is actually ice and professional teams, and yet they are.

I think the moment that hit me the most was when one of the Kenyan players reached out and touched Sidney Crosby’s face to make sure the man he’d only seen inside his TV screen was actually real. 

Crosby says a few times in the video that the experience taught him a lot about how hockey can bring people together. It’s the ultimate cliché but it’s actually true. 

Aaron Rodgers led another incredible game-winning drive

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Aaron Rodgers is the only quarterback in the NFL who can get the ball on his own 10-yard line with 67 seconds to play and no timeouts and lead his team 81 yards down the field for a game-winning field goal. It was surgical

When he found Equanimeous St. Brown at the 28-yard line with 11 seconds left, I thought for sure Mason Crosby was coming out to try a long field goal. Or maybe, if the Packers were feeling really aggressive, they’d try to get five or 10 more yards on a quick out route. But no, Rodgers looked toward the Green Bay sideline and indicated that he was throwing another pass. He connected with Davante Adams for another 19 yards that put the ball at the 9-yard line with six seconds left. Rodgers was feeling himself so much that he even took a shot at the end zone before Crosby came on to attempt the field goal–though the final throw also may have been to ensure there would be no time left for a kickoff. Either way–who does that?

NBA season starts tonight

You what tonight is? The start of the eight months that will decide who will face the Warriors in the NBA Finals. (The SI staff made its picks here, with most people choosing the Warriors and Celtics.)

There are two games tonight: Celtics-Sixers at 8 p.m. ET and Warriors-Thunder (without Russell Westbrook) at 10:30. Both games are on TNT. Before the late game, be sure to read Rob Mahoney’s piece on OKC, which includes this quote from Steven Adams, on when he heard that Paul George was coming back:

“I don’t keep up with that s---, mate,” Adams says. “I’m f------ terrible. I just show up and whoever’s on the team, cool.”

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, there’s nothing better to get you ready for the NBA season than this video of Kawhi Leonard’s laugh remixed into “Roundball Rock.”

Bits & Pieces

The Angels are giving prospective managerial candidates a two-hour written test, which probably favors candidates who most recently took the SAT. ... Turkish soccer star Arda Turan faces 12 years in jail for his role in a fight at a nightclub allegedly sparked by Turan flirting with a pop star’s wife. ... Stephen Curry is the face of the relaunch of the new PalmPilot, you know, 1997’s hottest gadget. ... The Patriots have identified the fan who threw a beer on Tyreek Hill and banned him from the stadium. ... Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink 182, now runs a UFO company that is nearly $40 million in debt

High-quality H2O, high-quality jerseys

Keith Olbermann has a legal document proving he predicted Kirk Gibson’s home run

Akoon Akoon Akoon Akoon

lmao the name of the South Sudanese runner on track #4 at Buenos Aires 2018 from r/olympics

It turns out his name is actually just Akoon Akoon. Growing up in war-torn South Sudan, he only started running competitively four years ago. And yet he still qualified for the Youth Olympics. Congrats to him.

Look at my man’s hat

I thought only Cal Ripken wore his hat like that. 

Embed from Getty Images

Hire a better translator next time

Coca-Cola’s new vending machines in New Zealand unwittingly say “hello, death” in Maori

Update: Tony Romo is OK

I hardly have the words to describe this

I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say you absolutely must watch this video. It’s a “trailer” for a line of watches from Sylvester Stallone that is four minutes long and looks like it was made by a high school AV club. (It went viral recently but it turns out it’s a few years old, so you might have trouble buying the world’s ugliest watch.)

All the best goalie goals come from Belgium’s fourth tier

Pulling your goalie on a delayed penalty is usually a safe bet, unless this happens

LeBron doesn’t know what to call his new coach

A good song

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