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Eli Manning Asked Draymond Green to Talk Trash About Peyton and He Really Delivered

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Draymond skewers Peyton with just 11 words, Anthony Davis’s bizarre ejection and more.

He doesn’t miss

Draymond Green is a three-time NBA champion and a six-time first-team All-Defense selection, but his most elite skill on the court may be his trash talk. Green is his generation’s answer to Kevin Garnett, always getting under the skin of his opponents (and sometimes even his teammates) with cutting barbs.

While he was guesting on ESPN’s Monday Night Football ManningCast of the 49ers-Rams game, Green proved that no one is safe from his razor-sharp wit. Eli Manning asked Green how he would talk trash to his older brother Peyton, and Green needed only 11 words to bury him.

“I’d tell Peyton, ‘As great as you’re supposed to be, the Colts still cut you,’ ” Green said.

Ruthless. And you know what? He’s dead-on. Good trash talk is based in fact but ignores logic, and Draymond nailed that there. Sure, the Colts did cut Manning, but only because he was 36 years old and coming off a serious neck surgery. They had the No. 1 pick in the draft and could use it to select the most surefire quarterback prospect since Manning himself (Andrew Luck). Of course they cut him. The two sides parted amicably, but that doesn’t matter to Green. Imagine him standing across the line of scrimmage from Manning and delivering that line. In the heat of the moment, it’s just vicious enough to get under his skin.

The best part is, it looks like Draymond came up with this on the spot. Peyton clearly had no idea Eli was going to ask the question, and Eli looked delighted by Green’s answer, so it doesn’t seem like something that was planned in a production meeting.

Eli should consider himself lucky that Green didn’t set his sights on him next. The less-talented younger brother is a much easier target for trash talk. You don’t even need 11 words to knock him down a peg—just seven: “You got benched for Geno Smith.”

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