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College Football Media Mocks CFP Chairman for His Michigan-Michigan State Quote

At its core, the legitimacy of the College Football Playoff rankings has always stood on a flimsy foundation. A group of 13 individuals—all with various ties to the schools they're tasked with ranking based on their football prowess—meet on a weekly basis and decide through some murky combination of metrics and in-person debate who the 25 best teams in the country are. Such a setup is rife for head-scratching developments, which there have been no shortage of since the format's inception in 2014.

But Tuesday night's performance from committee chairman Gary Barta might take the cake for the most curious case of brow-furrowing logic that's been put forth to justify the group's decision. Speaking about the committee's decision to rank Michigan one spot ahead of Michigan State—despite the Spartans winning the head-to-head matchup on Oct. 30—Barta seemed to diminish the importance of watching the games themselves, which would appear to be the primary job requirement of the group each Saturday.

"Set aside watching the games, though that’s certainly a part of it," Barta said. "But statistically in just about every category, offensively and defensively, Michigan comes out on top over Michigan State."

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Those comments unsurprisingly drew the ire of plenty around the college football media landscape, with many lambasting Barta for his rationale. Check out some of the best reactions of the bunch below:

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