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Kelly Stafford Gets Fooled by Fake Aaron Rodgers Quote

Also in Traina Thoughts: A golfer speaks out about $18 beers at tournament, KD and Letterman talk weed and more.

1. If you have followed me on Twitter over the years, you know that I love fake reporter/website accounts.

Actually, I love when people get fooled by satire accounts because they don’t take 30 seconds to verify some information.

And I love the subsequent outrage about fake accounts existing and people acting like satire Twitter accounts are a huge societal problem when in reality it’s all just nonsense.

The latest incident of someone from the sports world taking the bait from a fake account features Kelly Stafford, the wife of Super Bowl champion Matt Stafford.

Kelly came across a “quote” from Aaron Rodgers that got her worked up enough to respond on her Instagram story, even though everything about the quote was absurd.

The quote came from the Twitter account @NFCNorthNewss, and nothing says reputable Twitter account like the word “newss” being in a social media handle.

The fake quote in question has to do with a “friendship” between Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins, but the part that caught Kelly’s attention was “Rodgers” supposedly saying him and Cousins would be the best QB in Bears or Lions history.

Kelly responded and defended her husband, who played for the Lions for 12 years.

@NFCNorthNewss has thrown out more bait.

Will Kelly take it again? We can only hope.

2. If you’re attending this week’s PGA Championship and would like to enjoy a few beers, make sure you have your finances in order, because it’s going to cost you $18 for a Michelob Ultra.

The gouging is not sitting well with golfer Justin Thomas.

3. Kevin Durant is one of the guests on the upcoming season of David Letterman's Netflix talk show. One topic they covered was weed, which led to Durant making a revelation to Dave.

4. Tom Brady will be the subject of an upcoming roast on Netflix. It’s hard to predict whether this will be worth watching because Brady will be a producer for the special, so who knows how far the roasters can go.

5. Bucks-Celtics Game 7 on Sunday afternoon was the most-watched semifinal game in 10 years, drawing nearly 7.5 million followers. It would’ve been interesting to see how much the audience would’ve grown if the fourth quarter meant something.

6. The most recent episode of the SI Media Podcast features an interview with New York Post sports media reporter Andrew Marchand.

Does Marchand stand by his report that the deal is for 10 years and $375 million? Did Fox end up with Tom Brady because the network was mad at Troy Aikman? Why Brady going into broadcasting shouldn’t have surprised people. Who will work with Kevin Burkhardt on Fox's No. 1 team until Brady retires?

In addition to the big Brady story, we also discussed who could replace Kay Adams on GMFB, the Drew Brees saga, Formula One’s strong ratings, the call of the Kentucky Derby shocker, how the USFL is doing and much more.

Following the conversation with Marchand, Sal Licata from WFAN and SNY in New York joins me for our weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. This week’s topics include the stupidity of baseball’s unwritten rules, the success of HBO’s Winning Time, the NFL’s Week 2 Monday-night doubleheader and more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on AppleSpotify and Google.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tonight is the NBA draft lottery. As a New Yorker, I always enjoy rewatching the 1985 draft lottery and reading about how it was rigged because either they bent the corners on the envelope (the theory in the description of this YouTube video) or froze the Knicks’ envelope.

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