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Do you know anything about the rules to dressage, handball, water polo and the other more obscure Olympic sports?

By Extra Mustard
August 02, 2016

The great thing about the Olympics is that it shines a light on sports you never see otherwise. The only downside is that the average sports fan has no idea how those games work. 

Your average American has no idea what the rules to handball or water polo are. Fencing looks more like what you see on Game of Thrones than what you see on the cover of Sports Illustrated

How much do you know about the lesser-known Olympic sports? Take the quiz below and find out. 

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If you’re still interested in watching the unfamiliar events after flunking that quiz, check out’s Olympic coverage

The Olympics will end on Aug. 21, so you still have some time to brush up on the rules before the Games are over. 

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