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Over more than 150 years, the sport of college football has produced its fair share of geniuses, the brilliant strategists who have built or upheld storied traditions and powerhouses of the game.

From the start, a few select individuals have stood out from the crowd. Names like Pop Warner, Knute Rockne, and John Heisman ring out from the distant past. 

Bear Bryant and Woody Hayes helped define the sport mid-century, while Dabo Swinney, Kirby Smart, and Nick Saban highlight the current generation of head coaches.

Who are the best to ever do it? Scroll through to see which coaches have claimed the most national championships all-time.

Alabama coach Nick Saban has built arguably the greatest dynasty in college football history.
Bear Bryant helped cement Alabama as one of the blue bloods in the sport of college football.
bernie bierman minnesota football
frank leahy notre dame football
john mckay usc football
howard jones usc football
barry switzer oklahoma football

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