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College football national champions by year from 1869 to 2021

Picking a national champion in college football has always been something of a debate. For most of the last 150 or so years, the sport has not had a formal championship setting.

That changed in 2014, when the College Football Playoff introduced a four-team format to fix that. It replaced a system of media polls, coaches polls, and computer systems that came before.

Much better to settle things on the field, team vs. team. But that wasn't always the case.

Let's take a look at every national title team since the very beginning...

College football national championship teams since 1869

Where no selecting organization is listed below, a combination of the Associated Press, FWAA, NFF, UPI, or NCF is responsible for naming a national champion

alabama football (1)
usc football (1)
nebraska football tommie frazier
herschel walker georgia football
nebraska cornhuskers football
notre dame football terry hanratty
1944 army football
1931 usc football
1902 michigan wolverines football

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