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Back in 2011, the Cleveland Cavaliers had the first and fourth overall picks in the NBA Draft. 

They selected Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick, and Tristan Thompson with the fourth overall pick. 

Irving was the sure fire first overall pick, and his seven All-Star appearances and championship ring proved he was the right pick. 

As for Thompson, he has been a solid player, and also has an NBA Championship (same team as Irving in 2016), but has been nowhere near an All-Star caliber player. 

Something very interesting is the fact that the Cavs could have drafted two future Hall of Famers in the same draft. 

The Golden State Warriors selected (five-time All-Star and three-time NBA Champion) Klay Thomson with the 11th overall pick in that draft. 

Therefore, after they had picked Irving, the Cavs could have also selected the star shooting guard. 

Another layer to the whole hypothetical situation is that Irving and Tristan went up against Klay in four straight NBA Finals from 2015-18. 

The Warriors won three of the championships and the Cavs one won one of them when they came back from down 3-1 to win three straight games and capture the 2016 NBA Title. 

There is no telling how the career of Klay Thompson would have gone (for better or worse) if he had not joined the Warriors and instead been selected by the Cavs, but it's definitely something to think about. 

If the Cavs had drafted Klay as well as Irving in the same draft, they might have had the greatest NBA Draft in history.