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The Brooklyn Nets picked up their 13th win of the season when they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 117-112 in Ohio on Monday night. 

Their 13-5 record in the first 18 games is the best in the Eastern Conference. 

The Cavs fell to 9-9 on the season. 

After the game, the 2014 MVP sent out a tweet, and his post can be seen embedded below from his Twitter account. 

Durant had 27 points, six rebounds and nine assists in the game. 

Even without Kyrie Irving (who hasn't played this season), Durant and James Harden have the Nets on top of the Eastern Conference. 

Harden had 14 points, six rebounds and 14 assists in the win on Monday night. 

However, the regular season is not relevant to the Nets, because they will only be defined by how they do in the playoffs. 

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