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Kyrie Irving's 3 Viral Tweets Amid Trade Rumors

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving sent out several tweets on Sunday that have gone viral on Twitter. The former Duke star has been in the middle of several rumors surrounding his future with the Nets.
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On Sunday, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving sent out several tweets on Twitter that have gone viral. 

Irving's first tweet: "WWIII is The TRUTH VS THE LIE” Circa 2022. Katt Williams"

Irving's second tweet: "Living in The Age of No more secrets. No one can hide their hands anymore. Pay close attention, Everything is a chess move. The TRUTH vs THE LIE"

Irving's third tweet: "Find Your Tribe. It’s a war outside. Do not sugarcoat WTF is going on. Speak on everything you’re seeing and whenever you’re ready to unplug…. The TRUTH vs The LIE" 

The former Duke star has been in the middle of many rumors about his future with the Nets since the season ended. 

The Nets got swept in the first-round of the playoffs by the Boston Celtics, so after being expected to compete for a title, they failed to win a single playoff game this season. 

Irving and co-star Kevin Durant have played together for two seasons, and they have yet to make it out of the second-round (last season they lost in a Game 7 on their home court to the Milwaukee Bucks in the second-round).  

Both players signed with the franchise in the summer of 2019, but Durant missed the first season due to injury.  

Prior to playing for the Nets, Irving spent two seasons with the Celtics. 

Before the Celtics, he had spent his entire career with the Cleveland Cavaliers (selected first overall in 2011). 

In 2016, he was the co-star for LeBron James when they won the NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors.