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Here's What Nikola Jokic Said About His Future With The Nuggets After Being Eliminated By The Warriors

Nikola Jokic met with reporters after the Denver Nuggets were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 on Wednesday evening.
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The Denver Nuggets had their season end on Wednesday night at Chase Center in California when Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriros picked up a 102-98 win to close the series out 4-1 in Game 5. 

The early exit in the playoffs is starting to be a trend for the Nuggets, who were swept by the Phoenix Suns last year. 

Nikola Jokic was the NBA's MVP last season, and is a finalist to win the award again this year.  

After the tough loss, the All-Star met with the media, and was asked about his upcoming opportunity to sign a super-max extension if it's on the table from the Nuggets. 

"Of course I'm going to accept it," Jokic said of the super-max if it's offered via Katy Winge of AltitudeTV. 

As for the Warriors, they are back to being their old selves again. 

After two seasons without the playoffs, they have returned to looking like the team that won three NBA Titles and made five straight trips to the NBA Finals from 2015-19.

Klay Thomson returned earlier this year after being out for the last two seasons, and he has been a huge reason for their resurgence.  

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