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Tom Brady's Viral Twitter Exchange With LeBron James

Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) had a Twitter exchange on Monday night.

On Monday night, LeBron James did a question and answer on Twitter, and thousands of people responded to his tweet. 

One of the people that responded was NFL legend Tom Brady. 

Brady's tweet said: "You and me, 5 rounds, ice hockey shootout, who wins?"

James' response to Brady: "me but barely. May be swinging from my knees though." 

Brady is widely regarded as the best player to ever play in the NFL, because he has won seven Super Bowl Championships. 

He won six during his legendary stint with the New England Patriots, and he has won one Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. 

As for James, he is widely regarded as one of the two best players to ever play in the NBA (Michael Jordan is usually considered the best ever). 

James has won four NBA Championships. 

He won two titles with the Miami Heat, one title with the Cleveland Cavaliers and one title with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

James is 37-years-old, while Brady is 44-years-old.  

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