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The NBA has 30 teams in its league, and there is always the possibility of expansion as the league gets more popular and the talent pool from around the world continues to expand. 

On Tuesday, Sports Business Journal shared an interview with NBA commissioner Adam Silver. 

In the clip Silver talked about Las Vegas, Nevada. 

"It's on a list at the point that we do turn to expansion, which isn't right now, but at some point," Silver said in the clip. "No doubt Vegas will be on the list."

The NFL's Raiders, who were in Oakland, California, moved to Las Vegas last season, and the NHL has had the Golden Knights in the city for several years. 

While the NBA has had its Summer League there for years, they will end up being one of the last sports leagues to add a team there, if they decide to do so. 

The Summer League in Las Vegas every year is always one of the biggest events for anyone related to the NBA from the players, media, coaches and fans. 

On the court, players from every single team are either getting their first game-action as professionals or trying to prove they deserve a spot on a team. 

Coaches and front office executives can scout and meet with people around the league all in one spot. 

Media members can network and build connections in such a condensed environment. 

The NBA's Summer League has been such a success it would would end up being no surprise to see a team play there.