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UPDATE: On Tuesday, Shams Charania of The Athletic was on the Pat McAfee show and refuted the recent report.

Charania: "All I'm gonna say on this, is this never happened."

Simmons also retweeted the video on Tuesday, and sent out a tweet himself.

Ben Simmons' Retweet

Ben Simmons' Retweet

Simmons: "😂 slow news day"

Recently, Ric Bucher was on FS1's The Herd With Colin Cowherd and shared a very interesting story about Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets. 

Bucher: "Ben Simmons, they're having a team-chat before Game 4, thinking he's going to play against the Boston Celtics. And from what I'm told, Ben just left the chat. They asked him 'are you going to play'? Ben left the chat. Like, he didn't even answer the question, just left the chat." 

The Nets ended up getting swept in the first-round of the NBA Playoffs by the Boston Celtics. 

Simmons was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Nets during the regular season.  

He was the first overall pick out of LSU in 2016, and he spent his entire career with the 76ers until the trade took place.

This past season, he did not play in a game for either the Nets or the 76ers. 

The Nets have had a lot of drama over the offseason.

On June 30, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Nets.

Woj on June 30: "Kevin Durant made the trade request directly to Nets owner Joe Tsai today, sources tell ESPN."

On August 8, Shams Charania of The Athletic had a big report about a meeting that took place between Durant and Nets' owner Joe Tsai. 

Charania: "In a meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai, Kevin Durant reiterated his trade request and informed Tsai that Tsai needs to choose between Durant or the pairing of general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash, sources say."

Tsai then sent out a tweet later in the day.

Tsai: "Our front office and coaching staff have my support. We will make decisions in the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets."