F1 News: Oscar Piastri's Insane Senna-Inspired Tribute Helmet Goes Up For Auction

Oscar Piastri's helmet, designed as a tribute to Ayrton Senna and worn during the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, is being auctioned to benefit Senna's charity for child education in Brazil.
Oscar Piastri
Oscar Piastri / McLaren Press Image

Australian driver Oscar Piastri wore a helmet designed as a tribute to Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna during the Practice Sessions of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix. Reflecting the deep respect Piastri has for Senna, the helmet, signed by Piastri himself, is now set for a special auction hosted by F1 Authentics.

This tribute is particularly poignant due to the choice of venue and timing. The helmet not only celebrates Senna, who is fondly remembered as the 'Master of Monaco' for his six victories there, but also commemorates Piastri’s remarkable 2nd place finish at the same circuit—a career highlight for the young McLaren driver. Piastri commented on the tribute in a press release sent to Sports Illustrated:

“It was an honour to drive at Monaco in a Senna-inspired helmet and pay tribute to such a role model. With six wins there, he was iconic at that track, and I’m glad that I was able to have a successful weekend racing in his colors.

“I’m very happy that I’m able to support the great work that the Instituto Ayrton Senna does in providing opportunities and transforming lives and I hope that the proceeds from the helmet can help such a great cause.”

The helmet will be auctioned off by F1 Authentics, the official dealer in F1 memorabilia, operated under a licensing agreement with Formula 1 by the UK-based Memento Exclusives. The auction will run from June 10 to 27, 2024, offering fans and collectors a chance to own a unique piece of F1 history.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Instituto Ayrton Senna, a charity launched by Senna’s family after his tragic death in 1994. Led by his sister, Viviane Senna, the organization focuses on child education and development in Brazil.

Barry Gough, CEO & Founder of F1 Authentics and Memento Exclusives, also commented on the auction's broader impact:

“We are proud to be supporting such an incredible cause with the auction of Oscar Piastri’s special helmet. This incredible piece not only serves as a tribute to the late F1 legend but was also worn by Piastri in Monte Carlo. A fantastic item of memorabilia that will help raise important funds for the charity.”

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