March 23, 2007

Wire to Wire aims to be your waiver wire resource for all of your fantasy basketball needs. It will dive into playing time trends, injury replacements, and even an occasional category specialist -- all of which can be found on a typical waiver wire within your fantasy league at any given time.

Matt Satten from ProFantasySports gave you a few possible late season names to add in his latest column. I'll take it a step further this week and keep the ball rolling with my latest installment of Wire to Wire. Check out Matt's piece, but for now, here are this week's recommendations.

Earl Watson, PG, Supersonics 66 G; 27.2 MPG; 8.8 PPG; 2.5 RPG; 5.7 APG; 0.9 3PM; 37.4 FG%; 73.7 FT%; 1.2 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 2.1 TO Ray Allen is experiencing new injuries from compensating on his ankle, and it may drive him to shutting down the season early. It's no secret that Rashard Lewis will be the man in Seattle if Allen clocks out, but Watson should receive a huge boost in fantasy production as well. He won't help your percentages much, but Watson can be a solid source of points, assists, threes and steals for the rest of the season.

Brian Skinner, C, Bucks 61 G; 21.5 MPG; 4.3 PPG; 5.4 RPG; 0.9 APG; 0 3PM; 49.1 FG%; 56.8 FT%; 0.3 SPG; 1.0 BPG; 0.9 TO The Bucks injury woes continue this week as Charlie Villanueva and Andrew Bogut have been labeled out for the rest of this season. The biggest beneficiary is Skinner who has ripped down double-digit boards over the last two games. He won't do much aside from rebound, but his knack for put-backs may result in a few double-doubles over the next four weeks. At a thin position, Skinner should be owned in all leagues.

Devin Harris, PG, Mavericks 66 G; 25.5 MPG; 9.9 PPG; 2.4 RPG; 3.6 APG; 0.2 3PM; 49.0 FG%; 82.0 FT%; 1.2 SPG; 0.3 BPG; 1.8 TO I'm a big fan of Harris' game, but the depth at the point guard position doesn't allow for him to be utilized in many fantasy leagues. The fact that he's back in the starting lineup (Greg Buckner apparently didn't cut it) and has taken the load off Jason Terry's shoulders in big games means that he'll be logging a lot more minutes. He won't contribute much from long range, but if you need some help with scoring as well as percentages, you can't go wrong with Harris.

Randy Foye, PG/SG, Timberwolves 67 G; 21.5 MPG; 9.3 PPG; 2.6 RPG; 2.6 APG; 0.7 3PM; 42.1 FG%; 85.9 FT%; 0.6 SPG; 0.3 BPG; 1.7 TO I wince at the fact that I am (yet again) recommending a Minnesota player. This is the time of the season when the T'wolves get to flaunt their young talent, and Foye should benefit greatly. Think of the numbers that Rashard McCants put up last season when he was given the minutes in the last few weeks. Now just think of how much better Foye can be when given PT as well. He'll be up and down with the best of them, but if he gets to the line, you can count on buckets of points.

Ryan Gomes, SF/PF, Celtics 59 G; 31.2 MPG; 12.0 PPG; 5.7 RPG; 1.7 APG; 0 3PM; 48.3 FG%; 81.3 FT%; 0.6 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 1.3 TO After missing a few games with injuries, it looks like Gomes is back. Good news is, you still have time to pick him up as he's started off a bit slow since his return. Once a big night happens, you'll miss your chance so just do yourself a favor and get ahead of the curve. Owners should also keep an eye on the status of Paul Pierce, as several outlets have been talking about possible injuries experienced this past week.

Ime Udoka, SF, Trailblazers 67 G; 29.1 MPG; 9.0 PPG; 3.8 RPG; 1.5 APG; 1.3 3PM; 48.4 FG%; 75.3 FT%; 0.9 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 1.1 TO Udoka does not get consistent minutes, which can be frustrating as a fantasy owner. What he does do is rack up steals regardless of the playing time. With nine steals in the last nine games, those owners behind a bit in the steals category should definitely consider scooping up the forward. He has double-digit scoring potential as well, so if he drops 15 while racking up a few steals, I would consider it a bonus.

Ronald "Flip" Murray, SG, Pistons 53 G; 20.1 MPG; 6.6 PPG; 1.5 RPG; 2.3 APG; 0.4 3PM; 40.7 FG%; 72.2 FT%; 0.7 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 1.1 TO If it seems like Murray only has value over the last few weeks of the season every year, it's because it's true. Last season, Flip helped the Cavaliers out in the absence of Larry Hughes. This season, it's his turn to fill in for Chauncey Billups (groin). The Pistons likely will play it smart with Billups, so look for Murray to get some more playing time in the near future. Extra bonus if he lands point guard eligibility as well.

Damien Wilkins, SG/SF, Supersonics 67 G; 23.2 MPG; 8.2 PPG; 2.8 RPG; 1.7 APG; 0.5 3PM; 43.3 FG%; 90.2 FT%; 1.0 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 1.3 TO The same Allen injury that will benefit Watson likely will lead to a starting job for Wilkins as well. He won't have Allen-like games, but the fact that he'll be starting should make him fantasy worthy in deep leagues. Add him now and reap the benefits of the occasional big scoring night. Wilkins will also help your percentages and rebound totals, so nab him now before it's too late.

Jared Jeffries, SG/SF, Knicks 40 G; 23.3 MPG; 4.5 PPG; 4.5 RPG; 1.2 APG; 0.1 3PM; 48.8 FG%; 40.4 FT%; 1.0 SPG; 0.5 BPG; 1.2 TO David Lee's high ankle sprain has opened up the door for Channing Frye and Jeffries. As I suspect that Frye is actually owned in most leagues, it's JJ who should provide the extra production off the waiver wire over the next few weeks. His coach loves him (why else would Lee not start?), so look for some nice evenings in the near future. Once Lee returns, his numbers may drop a bit -- but there's no telling when this will happen.

Mike James, PG, Timberwolves 67 G; 25.5 MPG; 10.1 PPG; 2.1 RPG; 3.8 APG; 0.9 3PM; 42.2 FG%; 84.4 FT%; 0.7 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 1.7 TO Ouch. Two Minnesota guards in the same column. Not good. But it's too tough to lay off James' latest signs of life with his high-20 minute games. Double-digit scoring is nice to see, but the assist totals have been even better. He'll likely break your heart yet again this season, but you have to ride him while he's hot. Maybe he'll play like it's a contract year for the rest of this season despite already inking a big deal? A kid can dream, can't he?

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