2020 Fantasy Baseball: Doc's FSGA Draft Review (Rounds 11-17)

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Daily Dr. Roto—February 4, 2020

Rounds 11-17 of FSGA Fantasy Baseball Experts Draft

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Last week, I began my quest to win the 2020 FSGA Fantasy Baseball League. I had the fifth pick (out of 14 teams) and am competing against some of the top Fantasy Baseball experts in the industry. Although we are drafting in January, this draft unofficially “kicks off” the Fantasy Baseball season. 

The first eleven rounds were completed last week in Las Vegas. The remaining rounds will be completed by slow draft over the coming weeks. You can follow the draft along here.

For now I’m just going to focus on my picks so you can see my thinking and get a better understanding about the choices I have make to fill out my roster.

Round 11: Kyle Schwarber, CHC OF

Why I selected him: In a time where power is at a premium, there might be no better flyer than Kyle Schwarber. Fantasy owners (and the Cubs) have been waiting for the big breakout from him for the past few years. We saw his potential last season when he hit 38 HR with 92 RBIs in his first chance at a full-time role, and hopefully, this year he can build on last year’s numbers. What makes me even more excited is that his strikeout rate is improving, and we have seen his batting average take a small step up as well. If Schwarber hits .260 with 40+ home runs I will have made a great pick.

Round 12: Salvador Perez, KC C

Why I selected him: In 2017 and 2018 Perez was one of the top five catchers in the league. He went 27/80 in both seasons and was a plus at a position that can often be a Fantasy wasteland. Last year Perez missed the season with Tommy John Surgery (TJS) and is now first throwing the ball to second base in practice. The Royals have said that they will give him starts at both first base and DH while he continues to rehab his arm. If Perez can get 500 at-bats, I think he can return to his old form which is a solid gamble at this point in the draft.

Round 13: Garrett Hampson, COL 2B

Why I selected him: The Rockies are one of the worst teams when it comes to playing young talent. It always seems that they would prefer to truck Ian Desmond out there instead of going with younger, more talented players. But Hampson was SO good in September last season that even the Rockies cannot overlook his skills. Hampson had five homers and seven stolen bases in the month with 16 runs scored. Those numbers projected out over the course of a season would be incredible! Could Hampson start the season on the bench and this pick backfires on me? Quite possibly. But if Hampson gets a full-time role this season, 15-30 would be his floor. 

Round 14: Shogo Akiyama, CIN OF

Why I selected him: Admittedly, this pick occurred before the Reds singed Nick Castellanos. I have some concern that Akiyama is not going to play full-time, but in the end, I think that the Reds will follow the money. What I mean by that is that the Reds spent a lot of money on both Akiyama and Catsellanos so they will play them as much as possible to prove their worth. Akiyama was a sensational hitter in Japan and his skill set should transfer nicely to America. I am hopeful that his defense will keep him in the lineup and if so, I will be very happy with his solid batting average and plate skills. 

Round 15: Rougned Odor, TEX 2B

Why I selected him: Did you know that Odor is only 26 years old? That is when most players first start hitting their prime. Odor has been around so long that it seems that he’s past his prime, but that is just not so. He has hit 30+ home runs in three of the last four seasons and had stolen double-digit bases in all four years as well. The biggest problem with Odor is his batting average. If he can hit .250 and go 30-15 he would be a fifth round pick. If he hits .205 again, he will put my team in last place in batting average. Fantasy Baseball is all about risks and I took a calculated one by drafting Odor.

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Round 16: Joe Jimenez, DET RP

Why I selected him: I have changed my philosophy on saves. I used to make sure I went out and drafted two closers on good teams within the first ten rounds. However, when I thought I was winning the saves category, it turned out differently. All too often my closers lost their jobs or got injured. So, this year I did something differently. I waited and took a good closer on a bad team. If Jimenez keeps his job all season and gets me 35 saves, I will not only be ecstatic, I will keep myself afloat in a very tenuous category.

Round 17: Hunter Renfroe, TB OF

Why I selected him: I drafted Renfroe for the same reason Tampa traded for him: unadulterated power. At the All-Star Break last season Renfroe had 27 home runs. However, in the second half he was injured and only finished the season with 33 HRs in 440 at-bats. If he can find his way to 500+ at-bats, he seems to be a lock for 40+ dingers. That would make both the Rays and me very happy.

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