Dr. Roto: FSTA Draft Review (Rounds 5-8)

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Daily Dr. Roto - Wednesday, June 30

FSTA Draft Review (Rounds 5-8)

Last week in Tampa, I took part in the first Fantasy Baseball experts draft of the season. I will break down the draft here in this review, giving you an explanation of my picks as well as the best (and worst) picks of each round.

Round 5

  • 5.1 Ozzie Albies
  • 5.2 Joey Votto
  • 5.3 Daniel Murphy
  • 5.4 Patrick Corbin (My pick)
  • 5.5 Eugenio Suarez
  • 5.6 James Paxton
  • 5.7 Blake Treinen
  • 5.8 Yasiel Puig
  • 5.9 Jose Berrios
  • 5.10 Edwin Diaz
  • 5.11 Miguel Andujar
  • 5.12 Matt Carpenter
  • 5.13 J.T. Realmuto
  • 5.14 Marcel Ozuna

Round 5 Analysis: In Round 4 I was deciding between Jameson Taillon, James Paxton, and Patrick Corbin, so when I saw that both Paxton and Corbin were available in Round 5, I knew that I was going to take another pitcher. I really think that Paxton is an excellent pitcher, but he has a history of injury troubles and I wonder how he will handle playing in New York. I have none of those questions with Corbin, plus I think his going to Washington from Arizona is a boost to his value.

Best Pick: I have always liked Jose Berrios and when Ray Flowers took him here as his SP1 I think he made a great pick. Berrios has a skill set that could make him a third-round pitcher, so taking him in the fifth round gave Ray a possible anchor for his staff which is not easy to find at this point in the draft.

Worst Pick: It was just a few seasons ago that I used to call Blake Treinen, Blake Train Wreck. Treinen was the first closer off the board in Round 5 and with the volatility at the position, I think it was too much of a gamble here.

Round 6

  • 6.1 Madison Bumgarner
  • 6.2 Justin Upton
  • 6.3 Jack Flaherty
  • 6.4 Wil Myers
  • 6.5 Chris Archer
  • 6.6 Tommy Pham
  • 6.7 Robbie Ray
  • 6.8 Zack Wheeler
  • 6.9 Jonathan Villar
  • 6.10 Nelson Cruz
  • 6.11 Jose Peraza (My pick)
  • 6.12 Gary Sanchez
  • 6.13 Corey Seager
  • 6.14 Josh Donaldson

Round 6 Analysis: When I said the words “Jose Peraza”, Glenn Colton turned to Stacie Stern and gave her a fist bump as they had already decided to take Gary Sanchez with the next pick. Was I wrong to take Peraza? I don’t think so. Speed is incredibly difficult to come by and I think Peraza can help me in average, runs scored, and stolen bases.

Best Pick: If Jonathan Villar had been there when I picked, I would have taken him in a heartbeat. He is etched in stone in the Orioles lineup and he should easily be one of the top stolen base threats in the AL.

Worst Pick: I have been burned so many times by Chris Archer that I think I could start my own burn unit. I love the player, but he must prove to me that he is worth a 6th round pick. Basically, I think this was a case of a pitcher rising in value due to the scarcity of the position.

Round 7

  • 7.1 David Dahl
  • 7.2 Mike Foltynewicz
  • 7.3 Michael Conforto
  • 7.4 Jesus Aguilar (My pick)
  • 7.5 Travis Shaw
  • 7.6 Craig KImbrel
  • 7.7 Matt Chapman
  • 7.8 Matt Olson
  • 7.9 Brian Dozier
  • 7.10 Dee Gordon
  • 7.11 A.J. Pollock
  • 7.12 Mallex Smith
  • 7.13 Aroldis Chapman
  • 7.14 Felipe Vazquez
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Round 7 Analysis: I was very torn as there were a lot of players on the board that I liked at this point. I knew if I passed on a closer, I would be forced to wait until the lesser closers were available in the later rounds. My choices came down to Aguilar, Olson, and AJ Pollock. I am normally a sucker for Pollock’s power/speed combination but as the saying goes “Fool me once shame on me, fool me ten times, I am an idiot.” So, I went with Aguilar who plays on a great team in a good park, and who should hit 30 HRs in his sleep.

Best Pick: Brian Dozier was on my short list, but I was secretly hoping he would make it back to me in the 8th round. He was injured for most of 2018 and underperformed severely. I think this season we see the old Dozier back who is capable of hitting 25-30 HRs and stealing 15-20 bases.

Worst Pick: I try to avoid one category players whenever possible and I think that Mallex Smith is just that. I look at him as a potential Billy Hamilton-type player which is not a compliment.

Round 8

  • 8.1 Carlos Martinez
  • 8.2 Roberto Osuna
  • 8.3 Brad Hand
  • 8.4 Kenley Jansen
  • 8.5 Luis Castillo
  • 8.6 Kyle Hendricks
  • 8.7 Rasiel Iglesias
  • 8.8 Jose Abreu
  • 8.9 Eddie Rosario
  • 8.10 Edwin Encarnacion
  • 8.11 German Marquez (My pick)
  • 8.12 Mitch Haniger
  • 8.13 Sean Doolittle
  • 8.14 David Price

Round 8 Analysis: This was a tough round for me as I saw many of the players I wanted being taken right before I selected. My pick came down to Marquez and Michael Brantley and luckily as you will see in my next article, Brantley fell to me in Round 9. I know that there is huge risk in taking a Colorado Rockies pitcher, but I could argue that Maarquez was the best pitcher in the game over the last month of the season. If he can build on that success, I might have a fourth ace on my staff.

Best Pick: Jose Abreu is Round 8 is a complete steal. There is no way he should have been on the board at this point in the draft.

Worst Pick: Edwin Encarnacion has been one of the better hitters of the past decade, but at 36 years old I wonder when he is going to start to decline. The Mariners want to trade him badly, so this might be a season where he gets off to a poor start, only to pick it up in the second half when he is playing for a contending team.

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