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"Beat Dr. Roto" League Draft Review

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Daily Dr. Roto — August 27, 2018

"Beat Dr. Roto" League Draft Review

Last night we had the fourth of five “Beat Dr. Roto” Fantasy drafts. It was a 12 team, 20 round draft. The fifth and final one will be this coming Friday, August 31st at 10 PM EST. Sign up now at My team is the column outlined in red. You can click the draft board image to expand it full size.

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I love these drafts, mainly because they are completely unpredictable. Because of that my motto is “Expect the Unexpected.” If I do that, I never get flustered even when some teams make the most outrageous picks! But the truth is that I really have come to enjoy the unpredictability as Fantasy owners vie to take their favorite sleepers and throw ADP out the window. It makes for a much more fun experience.

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Three Things I Liked About Last Night’s Draft

1. I thought Team 12 had a stellar draft. At the 12th pick, it is vital to be aggressive and take players a bit earlier so as not to lose them. I think this owner did that successfully especially with Tarik Cohen and Deshaun Watson.

2. I loved how the value of injured players plummeted in this draft. I took Evan Engram in Round 8 and Marlon Mack in Round 10. Both players would have gone 2-3 rounds earlier had they not gotten injured in preseason. I have no problem taking injured players so long as they are not “too” injured. One or two weeks is not that long to wait.

3. I thought that these owners were smart in waiting on tight ends. I have seen Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz going in the third round of many drafts. In this draft, Kelce went in Round 4 and Ertz in Round 5. This is much better value for both players for sure.

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Three Things I Did Not Like About Last Night’s Draft

1. I cannot fathom how anyone would take a defense in Round 8, but Jacksonville’s defense was taken at pick 8.8.

2. One owner took Aaron Rodgers with pick 4.12 which I thought was a bit early, but I could live with it. He then took Tom Brady at 8.12. Why would any team need both Rodgers and Brady in the first eight rounds?

3. People were taking each other’s handcuffs a bit earlier than expected. I can live with that, but it just goes to show that you cannot count on anything at a draft and you need to be able to adjust on the fly. If you want a valued handcuff, you need to get him before the rest of the league strikes.

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My Team

  • QB: Mahomes, Smith
  • RB: Bell, Mixon, Coleman, Mack, Conner, Foreman
  • WR: Thielen, Thomas, Edelman, Golladay, Kirk, Richardson, Gabriel
  • TE: Ertz, Engram, Goedert
  • K: Gostkowski
  • DEF: Detroit (I will stream defenses all season)

Overall, I am happy with my team. I took a bunch of risks with some injured players (Engram and Mack) and suspended ones (Edelman). However, I liked their value so much where I got them that I decided I could not pass them up. Being too conservative can help you lose a Fantasy Football league. I might not win this one, but I swung for the fences with this draft trying to win it!

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