Week 4 WR Matchups Report: Receiving Yards Allowed Per Position

Scott Atkins

Wide Receiver Points Allowed: Deeper Dive

By now, I hope everyone is familiar with our FFToolbox Points Allowed Tool. You should have this old time favorite bookmarked by now. Throughout the season, it continually updates the fantasy points that each team allows to each position. It becomes better with time. This new featured tool, the Wide Receiver Matchups Tool, specifically breaks down the wide receiver position by which receiver the defense allowed yards too. When it comes to the wide receiver position, often the numbers don't go deep enough to help fantasy players make the right decisions. A team may have a shut down corner who defends the top receiver, but allows a lot of yards to the secondary or third receivers. This tool will show that.

So for example, if you see a team is ranked 1st vs. WR1s, that defense is currently the best at limiting their opponent’s WR1 yardage compared to other teams. Or if you see a team is ranked 32nd against WR1, that defense is the worst against WR1’s or more accurately, the defense is allowing the most yards to WR1’s compared to the other teams in the league. This a great tool to find and exploit useful matchups every single week of the Fantasy Football season.


Updated: Thursday, October 1 - Please note, this is prior to any Week Three Elias Sports Bureau updates.

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Use this for a quick look at which teams are best or worst at covering each position. Seattle continues to be historically bad at stopping any wide receivers. That means we target ALL Miami Dolphin Wide Receivers, specifically DeVante Parker and Preston Williams and with Seattle being dead last against the 3rd WR as well, do you know who that is? Check out our Targets/Touch snap report for the Dolphins in Week 3. 
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