SI Fantasy Staff Best Ball Draft Breakdown - It's DeAndre Hopkins & Everybody Else in Arizona

Senior expert Dr. Roto critiques the SI Fantasy Staff's recent best ball draft with the best and worst picks for each team.
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The SI Fantasy staff recently completed a 2020 best ball draft, and I am here to give a fair (and mostly impartial) review of the best and worst picks for each team.

Here is the draft board:

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Participants: Fantasy Exec, Frankie Taddeo, Casey Olson, Steve Renner, Scott Atkins, Shawn Childs, Ben Heisler, Matt De Lima, Ian Ritchie & Mark Deming, Roy Larking & Michael Fabiano.

Team 1: Fantasy Exec

Best Pick: TE Jonnu Smith, TEN 13.1

Smith is in a great position as the second offensive weapon in Tennessee. I have him as a top ten producer and to get him in the 13th round (TE16) is a terrific value.

Worst Pick: WR Christian Kirk, AZ 8.12

Taking Kirk over the likes of Hardman and Ruggs looks to be like a potential mistake. The Cardinals just paid DeAndre Hopkins a boatload of money—are they not going to feed him the football? It's Hopkins, some to Kenyan Drake and everybody else!

Team 2: Frankie Taddeo

Best Pick: WR Preston Williams, MIA 10.11

Williams was on his way to a terrific rookie season until an injury derailed him. He’s healthy now, and with opponents prioritizing covering DeVante Parker, Williams should make some plays. For Week 1, I especially love his DraftKings salary at $4,500. I think he makes a big splash to start the season.

Worst Pick: TE Blake Jarwin, DAL 13.2

Jarwin is the fourth target in Dallas. With Hooper and Herndon still on the board at the time, I am a little surprised Frankie passed on them.

Team 3: Casey Olson 

Best Pick: WR Michael Pittman, IND 13.3

The beauty of best-ball formats is that players don't have to produce every week to be successful. Pittman should get better as the season goes on, and I expect him to have at least three or four big-time production games.

Worst Pick: WR John Brown, BUF 9.3

Casey is one of the top MMA experts out there, but I am a little concerned that he passed on Hayden Hurst (who went the very next pick) to take Brown.

Team 4: Steve Renner 

Best Pick: TE Hayden Hurst, ATL 9.4

Sometimes a good draft is about being in the right place at the right time and knowing when to seize an opportunity. Renner rightly took Hurst, who I think has a top-five season at TE.

Worst Pick: WR Jerry Jeudy, DEN 6.9

I think the world of Jeudy, but with the pandemic and so little practice time, I think he will be much better in 2021 than this season. Will Fuller scares people, but his upside is so immense that I certainly would have taken him here over Jeudy.

Team 5: Scott Atkins

Best Pick: WR Parris Campbell, IND 15.5

Just because a player underperforms for one season doesn’t mean that he will continue that subpar play. Campbell never got off the ground as a rookie, but the potential for stardom is still there, and he finally has a quarterback that can accurately throw the football. He’s an amazing late-round selection in this format.

Worst Pick: RB Le’Veon Bell, NYJ 4.8

Scott is one of the top fantasy players I know, but that doesn’t mean we always have to agree. I just don’t see how Bell has a fourth-round type of year. He has a coach who never wanted him on a team, which will see eight men in the box against the run all season. I would have taken either Akers or Gordon in this spot.

Team 6: Shawn Childs

Best Pick: RB Antonio Gibson, WAS 8.6

Shawn is one of the top seasonal players in the world, and this pick shows why. Gibson in the eight-round is theft, and I am calling the police right now to investigate.

Worst Pick: WR Brandin Cooks, HOU 6.7

I like Cooks, but I worry that one more concussion might put him in a rest home outside of Boca. Tyler Boyd would have been the less sexy but safer pick.

Team 7: Bill Enright

Best Pick: WR Mecole Hardman, KC 9.7

Hardman and best-ball are synonymous with each other. Bill can count on four to five games of huge plays from Hardman, and if Watkins or Hill gets injured, it could be even better. He was also a featured pick in Rob Geriak's DraftKings TNF Showdown Slate article.

Worst Pick: QB Cam Newton, NE 12.6

Cam is playing with a subpar receiving corps, so I would have taken Stafford, Mayfield, or Big Ben here instead. 

Team 8: Ben Heisler

Best Pick: RB Zack Moss, BUF 8.5

I am President of the Zack Moss Fan Club, so I love getting him here in Round 8. I have seen him go as early as Round 6 in the last few days, so this is exceptional value for a running back.

Worst Pick: RB Tevin Coleman, SF 15.8

I am nitpicking here, but I think taking Tee Higgins or Bryan Edwards would have been a much higher upside play, especially in a best-ball format.

Team 9: Matt De Lima

Best Pick: WR Anthony Miller, CHI 10.4

Always undervalued, Miller should come into his own this season and get about 70+ receptions. Fantasy football managers often overlook that you need consistent players on a week to week basis, and Miller fits that profile.

Worst Pick: TE Will Dissly, SEA 18.4

You know my man De Lima had a good draft when I am talking about his worst pick being an 18th round tight end. I happen to like Bills TE Dawson Knox more, so I think that was one of his few errors. I would have also taken Bryan Edwards over Tee Higgins in Round 15, but if Green or Ross gets injured, I might recant that testimony.

Team 10: Ian Ritchie & Mark Deming

Best Pick: WR Henry Ruggs III, OAK 9.10

I could honestly see taking Ruggs two rounds earlier in this type of draft. The Raiders are desperate for his speed, and he should have multiple big-play games.

Worst Pick: WR Larry Fitzgerald, AZ 10.3

This was a major mistake because the 10th round is the perfect time to poach another team’s top RB handcuff. Pollard, Mattison, and Murray all were taken in the same round just a few picks later. If Dalvin Cook is out for a few weeks, would you rather have Mattison or Fitzgerald?

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Team 11: Roy Larking

Best Pick: WR Deebo Samuel, SF 7.11

People are underrating Samuel, thinking he would be out for multiple games when he first got injured. There’s a good chance he suits up in Week 1, and for sure in Week 2, making him a nice value here.

Worst Pick: RB Ronald Jones, TB 6.2

I am wondering if my friend Roy made this selection before Fournette signed with the Bucs. If so, I will give him a pass. If not, then he needs to call my office for an immediate appointment!

Team 12: Michael Fabiano

Best Pick: WR Bryan Edwards, OAK 15.12

Edwards reminds me of a young Kenny Golladay. He’s big, strong, fast, and should excel in Gruden’s offense. As much as I like Ruggs in Rounds 7-8, I like Edwards more in Rounds 11-12. Getting him in round 15 like Fabs did is larceny.

Worst Pick: QB Ryan Tannehill, TEN 13.1

I like Tannehill, but I wonder if that run-first offense will keep his numbers down. With Joe Burrow and Jared Goff still on the board at the time, I might have looked in their direction first.