Week 2 WR Matchups Report: Receiving Yards Allowed Per Position


Wide Receiver Points Allowed: Deeper Dive

By now, I hope everyone is familiar with our FFToolbox Points Allowed Tool. You should have this old time favorite bookmarked by now. Throughout the season, it continually updates the fantasy points that each team allows to each position. It becomes better with time. This new featured tool, the Wide Receiver Matchups Tool, specifically breaks down the wide receiver position by which receiver the defense allowed yards too. When it comes to the wide receiver position, often the numbers don't go deep enough to help fantasy players make the right decisions. A team may have a shut down corner who defends the top receiver, but allows a lot of yards to the secondary or third receivers. This tool will show that. 

So for example, if you see a team is ranked 1st vs. WR1s, that defense is currently the best at limiting their opponent’s WR1 yardage compared to other teams. Or if you see a team is ranked 32nd against WR1, that defense is the worst against WR1’s or more accurately, the defense is allowing the most yards to W1’s compared to the other teams in the league. This a great tool to find and exploit useful matchups every single week of the Fantasy Football season.


Updated: Thursday, September 17 - Please note, this is prior to any Week One Elias Sports Bureau updates. 

ScreenHunter_10225 Sep. 17 09.56
Use this for a deeper dive on a specific team. For example Buffalo, who was great covering the WR1 (Perriman) but didn't do so well covering the WR2 (Crowder). Perriman saw most of his day being covered by one of the best shutdown corners Tre'Davious White, so don't write him off yet. 
ScreenHunter_10226 Sep. 17 09.57
Use this for a quick look at which teams are best or worst at covering each position. Come on Seattle, get your act together! They allowed the most yards to each of the top three wide receiver positions. (Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage)

What can we learn from this data? Well, it's early, and this tool specifically gets stronger as the season moves on, but keep an eye on it. For example, Miami played New England in week one. Let's look at the Box Score. 

  • Julian Edelman 5 for 57
  • N'Keal Harry 5 for 39
  • no other WR for New England caught a pass from Cam Newton. (RB James White 3, TE Ryan Izzo 1, RB J.J. Taylor 1)

So you'll see that Miami is 16th vs WR1s at 57 yards allowed, 8th against WR2s at 39 yards allowed and best in the league defending other wide receivers with ZERO yards allowed. Now obviously, we can't credit Miami with this yet, as this was more indicative of the new Patriots offense, but over time, this will shed light on team's strengths and weaknesses covering all parts of the field. 

Rookie Joe Burrow targeted the AFC's Defensive Player of the Week DB Casey Hayward an enormous 16 times but only resulted in allowing 51 receiving yards. 

Each week we will continue to add analysis and preview the coming games as this tool strengthens with more data.