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A three-game playoff slate for Friday, May 28, begins at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Listed below are my favorite options at each position, with a value option as well. The pricing on DraftKings is a bit soft on some players. Take advantage of this.

(Note: FPPM= Fantasy Points Per Minute, FPPG= Fantasy Points Per Game)


Luka Doncic has been the most consistent of the top-priced point guards on tonight's slate. He posted 71 and 61 fantasy points over the first two playoff games. Dropping a triple/double in the first game and just missing one in the second. Doncic is playing all the minutes he can handle and has shown to put up big games against a tough defense.

Also Consider: Derrick Rose, who continues to play minutes in the upper-30s during the first two games.

Value: Reggie Jackson played 21 and 30 minutes respectively over the first two games. There is not much value at the point guard position and the minutes and price under $4,000 make him a solid option. Last game, he did put up 26 fantasy points.


Paule George's price has barely moved after dropping 40 and 55 fantasy points over the first two games. He is taking close to 20 shots a game, scored over 20 points, and averaged nine rebounds. Continue to ride George at his reduced price.

Also Consider: Marcus Smart, who has been the consistent player from the Celtics—averaging 36 minutes and 33 fantasy points over the first two games. He gets it done in all categories and will be on the floor due to his defensive skills.

Value: Kevin Huerter has been a solid value over the first two games. He is averaging 26.5 minutes and 24 fantasy points and coming in at $4,500.


Kawhi Leonard is another player whose price has barely moved over the first two games despite putting up back-to-back 56+ fantasy points games. Very hard to fade him tonight as he is playing most of the game and playing at such a high level.

Tim Hardaway Jr. is playing big minutes in the playoffs and playing well. He put up 20 plus points in both games and is contributing with a few other peripheral stats. I prefer him as a second option from the Mavericks due to his recent play.

Value: De'Andre Hunter and Alec Burks are both good values at the small forward position tonight. Hunter had his minutes pushed to 32 last game, and he put up 26.5 fantasy points on a poor shooting night. Burks is coming off a poor shooting night as well, but he put up 24 fantasy points. He has been a big part of the Knicks team off the bench this year.


The position has three players within $300 of each other. Kevin Durant, Julius Randle, and Jayson Tatum. Durant has been the most consistent through the first two playoff games while the other Randle and Tatum have struggled. He will be the popular play of the bunch. Tatum is the one I have the most interest in, especially on a three-game slate. I do not see him picking up much ownership after his recent play, but he has shown massive upside and is the player on the Celtics that needs to play big for them to win. I see him stepping up in this third game and putting up 60 plus fantasy points.

Value: Taj Gibson has been playing very well for the Knicks during this series. Price is still under $4,000 and has exceeded value in both games so far.


A few options at center, and they are all under $5,000. Pay down for Maxi Kleber, who continues to play well over 30 minutes a night and is only priced at $3,700, or go with one of the Celtic centers. Tristan Thompson has been the more consistent play, but Robert Williams has a much higher ceiling.


Option 1

  • Luka Doncic
  • Paul George
  • Kawhi Leonard
  • Maxi Kleber and/or Taj Gibson

Option 2

  • Derrick Rose
  • Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • Kawhi Leonard
  • Jayson Tatum

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