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This is a slate that I don't care that much for. Why? Well, we have two small slates overall today and with the early one it's got some chalk plays that I am just not that fond of following. So it's either ride with the obvious and hope you get that 1 or 2 decisions that are critical right, or you completely go off the reservation and you eliminate 70% of the field simply by getting 1 pick right.... I'm gonna take a risk and fade 70% of the field. You have been warned.....


All Games play. All games have decent weather.


  1. Thor ... Syndergaard has a price tag that doesn't kill us on FanDuel, that's the first obvious thing here. And honestly on DK he's not that bad either. The second thing is that there's nobody else going who is clearly on his tier in terms of strikeout potential and history. There's a couple decent pivots on FanDuel in the eyes of some, but for me, it's all Thor here today.
  2. Ivan Nova ... Nova not only has the better team behind him and is pitching at home but he's gonna get 3-4 more K than Fulmer today. That alone justifies the few extra bucks to spend for Nova on either site today for me.


  1. Kyle Gibson ... I told you I am throwing caution to the wind.
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  1. Sean Newcomb ... The Reds have awoken, I'm not going here at all.
  2. Carlos Martinez ... Day game? OK, thanks. I'll take Jay Bruce's homer instead.
  3. Jordan Montgomery ... Sorry, but you missed his really good performance. He's never going deep into games, so why would I go here when he's gonna lose? Thx.


  1. Kurt Suzuki
  2. Tucker Barnhardt
  3. Alex Avila


  1. Freddie Freeman
  2. Joey Votto
  3. Carlos Santana


  1. Brian Dozier
  2. Gleyber Torres
  3. Ozzie Albies
  4. Cesar Hernandez


  1. Daniel Descalso
  2. Miguel Sano
  3. Johan Camargo

Ew, what a disaster. Take the cheapies....


  1. Dansby Swanson
  2. Day Game Didi
  3. Scott Kingery

So Didi has homered in 4 straight or 5 straight or something like 80 straight games against the Twins. He has as many HR as strikeouts.... He's homering every home game it feels like. He's facing a low ball pitcher who sucks. He's at home. It's a day game. He's Didi......... Fade = Balls...... Someone with balls will fade Didi and play some other garbage here. Like me.


  1. Bruce, Jay ...
  2. Nick Markakis
  3. Adam Frazier
  4. Corey Dickerson

All the Jay Bruce on a Thursday Day Game......


  1. Starling Marte
  2. Rhys Hoskins
  3. David Peralta
  4. Ronald Acuna

I'm not buying heavy onto Acuna just yet. Wait until he gets home IMO.... Love C-Dickerson today.


  1. Willie Mays Hays (Odubel Herrera)
  2. Adam Duvall

STACKS - My Team

Braves/Reds ... The Braves are the one section of chalk I love. Meanwhile, I love the Reds offense at home in an afternoon game with the Braves bullpen looming behind Newcomb. Newcomb's been much better about not walking guys this season but the Reds finally have their bats awake and will continue to stay hot today.

Pirates ... I can't trust Fulmer in this spot. The Pirates are a team I've been picking on but not today. Dickerson and Marte.


  1. Bruce Jay on a Thursday - OF - Chairman
  2. Cory Dickerson - OF
  3. Brian Dozier - 2B
  4. Daniel Descalso - 3B
  5. Joey Votto - 1B
  6. Kurt Suzuki - C
  7. Dansby Swanson - SS
  8. Adam Duvall - OF
  9. BONUS .................... Rhys Hoskins - OF