Dongers Club - Sat 6/20


Well the NPB slate last night was a disaster because I picked the ONE pitcher who you didn't wanna have on opening day. But my initial gut reaction is that I like the NPB because it's closer to MLB - but I hate 1 SP and obviously the limited number of hitters as well. More teams is nice and better competition overall make it a solid league to keep trying for DFS.


  • NPB locks at 1:00 AM EST, all games should play being day games but we had some rain yesterday in a couple spots and it's something we'll have to look into as well.
  • KBO locks at 4:00 AM EST


Top Pitcher

Kazuto Taguchi (YOM Giants)

A nice mid range choice at $8,200 today. He has a 23.9% strikeout rate from last year and his opponent (Tigers) have limited power. UPDATE: My appologies -- doing two foreign slates and I mixed up my notes. Taguchi is someone I meant to list as someone to be cautious with because he has limited history pitching as a starter. Matsumoto is the top choice with Tokoda and Wada the other alternatives tonight

Secondary Choice

Wataru Matsumoto (SAI Lions)

This slate lacks a true ELITE SP from what I can best gather but one secondary choiec is Matsumoto at a higher price than Taguchi which should bring lower ownership in a game with a decent total as well. I'm not big on his opponent today so fire a lineup with him.


Atsuki Taneichi (CHI Marines)

Will cost you a lot sitting at $12,700 but for those who are used to playing 1SP sites like FanDuel you know there's a ton of upside taking the guy who's gonna cost you a lot to give you a lot in a contrarian spot. Underdog on the road he should be fairly lowly owned today but has high strikeout upside if he keeps the ball in the park.

Top Stack

YOM Giants -- Yoshikawa, Sakamoto, Maru, Okamoto

Yoshikawa, Sakamoto, Maru, Okamoto

Secondary Choice

SAI Lions -- Mori, Yamakawa, Tonosaki, Nakamura

The power in this is Mori/Yamakawa/Tonosaki/Nakamura part of the order but Spangenberg if he leads off is worthy of considering too. Chances are though they could mix it up facing a Lefty today.


ORI Buffaloes -- Jones/Yoshida

This is not a deep team but they're facing a pitcher who comes in with prior history as a reliever.

Chalky Spot


The highest scoring game from last night is once again looking like a high scoring game tonight


Favorite Pitcher:

Ki Young Im (Kia Tigers)

SP2 Choices:

Geon Wook Lee (SK Wyverns) and Warwick Saupold (Hanwha Eagles)

After Im today we have a couple pitchers who are on bad teams that are statistically doing much better than the higher priced / chalky guys on good teams are doing. Both Saupold and Geon Wook Lee are facing the top two hitting teams (or two of the top 3) in the league, but have both been pretty decent this year at not getting blown up entirely in most starts. In the case of Saupold, recent form hasn't been great but he offers some good leverage against a Dino's stack in a larger or 3 entry max tournament.


Casey Kelly, Adrian Sampson

This is a slate where I am fading a couple favorite arms because they're not 20+ point pitchers the way they have thrown this season and I like the contrarian secondary options quite a bit today.



Lotte Giants

Top game on the board and a spot I will be betting the over in. Lotte is on the road and going off right now. Play anyone batting 1-6.


LG Twins

Twins side is the power play and one of my top 3

LG is mostly a favorite because they get to face the unknown of Jong Gi Park. Translation? You should be STACKING LG and not playing Kelly based off Vegas information. Lots to like here with a lineup that is hitting well of late and has Roberto Ramos back and ready to go yard on this slate.

KT Wiz

I like the KT Wiz at home and Me Rojas home came into play last night. Love their top of the lineup as well and this presents a fantastic gamestack.