Dongers Club - Sat 6/30 - Early

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Hotter than a monkey's balls... Wait....


  1. Tyler Mahle ... Yep, he's my favorite arm today against those Brewers who seem to be falling apart with injuries everywhere. Verlander and deGrom are no doubt the top arms on this slate and in consideration on DK where we can get someone like Mahle or my other sneaky guy (below) as SP2, but they're still damn expensive and both are facing pesky teams in my mind....
  2. Pablo Lopez ... Yep, I'm listing another rookie prospect after bashing everyone for jumping on them. Has a lot to do with the opponent but also a narrative that I just must ride along with. Its Venezuelan Heritage Day and Pablo Lopez is ... well, he's Venezuelan duh. What'd you expect me to say he was Columbian or something? My goodness man, that was the worst setup ever, was it not? Mets suck, sure, I'll be the donkey and take him pitching for the pride in SouthBeach... Oh wait, Mets in South Beach? They partied on a Friday. Lets goooooooooooooOOO!
  3. JV or degrom? ... Verlander, but I'm using the 2 guys above on DK and expecting 30 combined points and moving on and winning with some bats.


  • Vinnie ... He should win but I can't trust him right now vs a Nats team determined.......
  • Skaggs ... Trap spot. Orioles are the next ticking time-bomb to show a little pride before they deal everyone away.


  1. OAKtown... 1pm local game in Oakland with 80+ degree temps, no shadows on the field and Adam Puke-o on the mound along with the shitty Tribe bullpen. This is the 10 run team today in my mind for this early slate. Davis, OLSON, Lowrie, Fowler the top 4, but if you wanna just blind stack you're praying for the right guys anywhere so I would look at where there are must plays in certain spots and then just fill in the Atlhetics, but those 4 are my favorite, Puke-o is bad vs lefties.
  2. Phillies ... Phils at home on Saturday against former Phillie Jeremy Hellickson after getting destroyed? Been a while since we had some Cesar Salad...
  3. Angels ... It's all Pujols or bust for me with them today.
  4. Cleveland ... Edwin Jackson and not Andrew Cashner is the worst VETERAN arm on this slate, but he did pitch well in his first start and the Oakland bullpen believe it or not is doing well too. So that's why they're lower, but I trust this team for depth than the Orioles or other teams on this slate in good hitting environments.



  1. Brian McCann
  2. Jorge Alfarro


  1. Matt Olson ... If a lefty is gonna hit a tank off Puke-o it would have to be up and down Olson
  2. Albert Pujols ... Throw back day for Pujols as he destroys a grand slam into left field.
  3. Jesus Aguilar ... Yes, it's his birthday.


  1. Cesar Hernandez
  2. Scootah Gennett


  1. Jose Ramirez
  2. Tim Beckham
  3. Anthony Rendon
  4. Jed Lowrie


  1. Manny Machado
  2. Franklin Barreto - 2B on FD
  3. Francisco Lindor


  1. George Springer - HR coming today
  2. Khris Davis
  3. Dustin Fowler
  4. Mike Trout ... Mr. Saturday ................ afternoon? Enjoy the 3 walks.


  1. Scott Schebler
  2. Derek Dietrich
  3. Rhys Hoskins
  4. Michael Brantley


  1. Kole Calhoun
  2. Adam Jones
  3. Michael A. Taylor
  4. Carlos Gomez


  1. George Springer - OF - Chairman
  2. Khris Davis - OF
  3. Matt Olson - 1B
  4. Tim Beckham - 3B
  5. Manny Machado - SS
  6. Jorge Alfarro - C
  7. Cesar Hernandez - 2B
  8. Kole Calhoun - OF
  9. BONUS ...................... Albert Pujols - 1B