Dongers Club - Thursday June 28th (Early)

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FanDuel is running a promotion today for their single game contests. Basically if you enter as many lineups as you want into the single game contests they'll pull your highest scores and combine them into some leaderboard thing that could pay out a little bit of pocket change. Hey, if you are bored today then roll with it. I will give them full credit though for putting together a good 'Early' only slate which is rare for them. It includes every game and has some decent contests included in it.

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DraftKings be like ... yeah, whatever, we're forcing folks to play single game for the early game and only including 5 games in our slate....


It's fine.



Trevor Richards & Zack Greinke ... It is dueling no hitters day in SouthBeach as we have the 4th game of a set between the Diamondbacks and Marlins. By now you should know my SouthBeach Theory which is visiting teams (especially ones who wear all white to celebrate Miami Vice on their annual trip to Miami -- yeah the D'Backs) who only visit Miami once per year going out to SouthBeach ... umm ... "establishments" on their final night in town and then being really sluggish the next night. Well, as you saw last night we had an early south beach theory with this being a 4th game of the set and the D'Backs were cold offensively. Arizona got no hit last year in their final game in Miami and I circled this game as a 1-0 game at the start of the series so no reason to turn back now. Sadly, it's not on DK because it would be a great gamestack SP game. For FanDuel purposes expect Greinke to be chalk and Richards to be a nice pivot. Also, if you are worried about Greinke being a party boy, dont be, that's not exactly his personality. David Peralta on the other hand ..........................


Jake Odorizzi ... Holy hell pitching is a landmine on this early DK slate today. I'm basically looking for the guy who I think will go 5 innings and not get into massive trouble and that lands me on Jake 'Eggs' Odorizzi against the White Sox. Be sure to thank me later when he shits the bed.

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Jon Gray .... I'll be honest, I am not using him on FD because I think it's a bit of a trap game, butI trust him more than Stratton here on DK.

Michael Fulmer ... Well, I wanna be clear here that I don't love the umpire he has and I think this is a spot he finally gets roughed up. But there's really a lack of solid pitching choices in my mind and if anyone is gonna pull a rabbit out of their hat Chase Anderson style it's Fulmer who is a bulldog and should manage to stay in the game even if he gets into some trouble spots.


Clayton Kershaw ... I don't play guys who only pitch 90 pitches and are the most expensive pitchers on the slate.


DETROIT ... This game is going back to the moon today. 80+ degree temps, a struggling Manaea and a wild umpire sets up this to be a good spot for the Tigers who hit lefties well. Goodrum, Candelario, Castellanos and ............ James F'n McCann on a Thursday Day Game at home versus a lefty!

BALTIMORE .... Mike Leake is coming off a dominant performance. He sucks. Manny needs to get traded and has been told to shape the fuck up so they can deal him, he's going on a tear.


Seattle Mariners ... They get to face JIMMY! ... Here's a list of the great Jimmy's in American History

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So is Yacabonis be the next guy added to that list? I've had some success profiling teams based on how they do in certain spots and Seattle is playing the last game of a series and the last game of this long road trip as they head back home after this game. All signs here point to the Mariners coming out and putting up a goose egg against a spot starter 26 year old "kid" who in his limited time with the big league club has posted a massive ERA and has walked twice as many batters as he has struck out ..... So yeah, uhhh, the mariners might flop today.... yeah uhm, no.

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  1. James McCann
  2. Mitchell C. Garver III
  3. Willllllsssssoooooon Contreras


  1. Matt Olson ... Next question
  2. Anthony Rizzo
  3. Ian Desmond


  1. Dee Gordon
  2. Yoan Moncada
  3. Day Game DJ LeMahieu


  1. Jemeir Candelario
  2. Eduardo Escobar
  3. Justin Turner
  4. Kyle Seager


  1. Jean Segura ... I don't see him leaving Camden without a homer.
  2. Manny Machado ... I don't see him having an 0-fer day


  1. Krush 'Kriss Kross' Davis ... Day game KD after a couple nights of chalk duds....
  2. Nicky Castellanos
  3. Charlie Blackmon ... It's time to pass the 'Stud NL hitter who is cold and needs a hot streak' baton over to Chuck Nasty.
  4. Mitch Haniger


  1. Matt Kemp
  2. Adam Jones
  3. Eddie Rosario
  4. Nikko Goodrum


  1. Dustin Fowler
  2. Colby Rasmus
  3. Avisail Garcia
  4. Gorkys Hernandez


  1. Khrush Davis - OF - Chairman
  2. Nick Castellanos - OF
  3. Matt Olson - 1B
  4. James McCann - C
  5. Jean Segura - SS
  6. Yoan Moncada - 2B
  7. Charlie Blackmon - OF
  8. Justin Turner - 3B
  9. BONUS .................... Manny Machado - SS