Dongers Club - Tue June 26th

MLB DFS slate preview with Steve Renner for Tuesday, June 26th
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Friendly reminder/disclaimer ... All pricing is referencing DraftKings -- where pricing actually does matter -- unless otherwise specified going forward.


  • Twins @ White Sox ... This game looks like a wash out early on to me and it's one that I really want no part of the hitters in, so cross it off my list....
  • Indians @ Cardinals ... Rain chances again, gotta monitor this closer to lock.
  • Royals @ Brewers ... Roof should be closed here -- but this is an overhyped roof.


HIGH END - 9k and up

Corey Kluber ... There's a decent number of mid tier arms tonight that I would like to pair up together, but there's also a couple cheap longshots so we can consider Kluber going up against an NL team where he gets the free batter in the 9 hole. You likely know by now that I am never afraid of using Kluber because he always pitches deep and we succesfully used our one "stack against a stud" spot on him this year already, so he has that bad outing out of the way. Definitely a good target for 30 DK points tonight which when considering raw points is never a bad thing to lock in on a 14 game slate.

Ross Stripling ... I'm not in love with the kid but he's been really good for the Dodgers this year and the Cubs are cold as ice.

Zack Godley ... So Godley has been really up and down and upon further looking at his numbers it appears we have a developing 'CatcherSplits' trend with Godley. Dating back through last year when Jeff Mathis or JR Murphy was behind the plate his ERA boomed up over 5 ER, and this year when Alex Avila has caught him his era is down around 3 compared to over 5 with the other two. Interesting because Mathis is often thought of as the better defensive catcher and is always Greinke's guy.

MID RANGE - Sub 9k

Freddy Peralta ... Welcome to tonights chalk going against the Royals. You know I prefer Junis, you just know it. But no lie this game as a whole scares me. I won't have Peralta, but he's the chalk guy so I wanted to at least make mention of it.

Jake Junis ... If he could stop just living in the middle of the zone to start batters off he will get back to being really damn good. No Cain and Shaw being iffy tonight has me considering him in the mid-tier.... Go ahead and roll the eyes, but Junis has as much K upside against the Brewers as Severino does against the Phils and would be a SP2 leverage against Peralta's chalk.

Frankie Montas ... Frankie's got less K potential for me than Peralta/Junis, but in the same range he's the third guy to look at for a consistent outing today. Outside of one bad start against a red hot Astros team at the time Montas has shown good command.

LOW - Sub 6k

Chad Bettis ... His road production is good enough for only 5400 tonight. At that price I am looking for him to give me 2.5x return which would be 13.5 DK points. That's essentially what he got in his prior start in AT&T park when he went 6 innings, struck out 5 and gave up 3 runs in a no decision game in May. Bettis limits home runs on the road (exclude the game in Texas, also a hitters park) and is consistently 90+ pitches. He's cheap because he always runs into a wall and he's coming off a horrific performance in Coors against the Mets -- however I would suspect that he will be the obvious pay-down guy today to pair with Kluber and I see no reason to not trust him tonight.


Tyson Ross... This is my LONGSHOT call of the night. The way to attack the Rangers is to get tons of swings and misses and get them swinging for the fence. Ross' toughest matchup in my mind is a struggling Joey Gallo who is playing through an injury right now, but given that he is low in the order I'm fine with a solo HR to Gallo. It's Choo-Andrus-Nomar at the top that would cause Ross to struggle and I think he gets through them without issues tonight. His price is higher than I'd like but he is my longshot to pitch well tonight.


Braves ... Im on record stating the obvious that this series should have plenty of runs in it and last night proved to be a good start. Tonight it's Harvey and Anibal and both veterans should do enough to limit damage but there are bad bullpens behind them and much like Mike Trout never has consecutive bad games I cannot see Freddie Freeman going back to back games without a hit, much less going a 9th game in a row without a home run. Albies is on fire right now as well.

Mariners ... Hot team against a pitcher folks might try to get cute with and use. Haniger, Cruz, Seager.

Padres ... Chalky again tonight but I don't love the RvR matchup as much. However, ABD has little reason to be someone to completely avoid looking for offensive production against and the Padres remain a nice value stack. Lots of folks will want to jump on lefties here such as Jankowski-Hosmer-Spangy but Wil Myers and Freddy Galvis are the two Padres I am on the most today and Myers at 4600 likely draws < 10% ownership from a popular team. Myers is just 2-15 since coming off the DL and one of those hits was as a pinch hitter, he does not justify his price so note that it's a longshot call, but he's a guy who I think really profiles well and should get it going tonight.

Red Sox ... Just go back through your recent memory and think of all of the bad lefties the Red Sox have struggled against. Now, completely erase that from your memory because this is John Lamb... They're going to put up 5+ runs tonight, the question is does that translate into a must play stack? I feel JD Martinez is going to have a great game here but beyond that this is quickly becoming a team that I never see a need to do a stack with, so JD is my one off here and then nothing else.


Angels ... Trout on the east coast? Pujols in Fenway? David Price at home? 75 degrees with a slight breeze out??? Chris Young narrative??? Check check check check check.... Angels in Fenway!

Mets ... Chad Kuhl sucks.

Orioles ... Just auto insert the Orioles as a sneaky team all the time. Yes, they're a team who we pick on with LHP but Manny at home is not someone I wanna mess with right now and a hot Trumbo really changes this lineup. Sorry Paxton, not your night.


Pirates ... Meadows is crushing lefties and along with Harrison, Diaz and Marte there's some good value here tonight. I'm also not in love with much at third base so David Freese is in play. I'll pick on Matz and the Mets pen any day of the week.



  1. Elias Diaz ... You may have noticed I didn't pick on Steven Matz in the stacks section, well, consider this me picking on Steven Matz. Diaz hits lefties well and good winds out to left field. I think this game will hit the over and Diaz is the sneaky catcher play for me today.
  2. Martin Maldanadong
  3. Salvador Perez ... First pitch fastballs to Salvy are not advised tonight Freddy...


  1. Eric Hosmer
  2. Freddie Freeman
  3. Albert Pujols
  4. Carlos Santana ... Someone has to score in this game.


  1. Ozzie Albies
  2. Cory Spangenberg ... Nobody really wants to roster Cory Spangenberg do they?
  3. Ian Kinsler ... OK, Spangenberg it is.
  4. DJ LeMahieu


  1. Kyle Seager
  2. Eugenio Suarez
  3. Jake Lamb
  4. Mike Moustakas


  1. Freddy Galvis
  2. Dansby Swanson
  3. Francisco Lindor
  4. Manny Machado


  1. JD Martinez
  2. Mike Trout ... I mean... He's Trout.... In Fenway.... On the east coast .... That said, he is on record stating that he hates DH'ing... Sooo, he actually is fadeable...
  3. Mitch Haniger & Nellie - I like Hanny a lot tonight.
  4. Scott Schebler


  1. Giancarlo Stanton
  2. Wil Myers
  3. Michael Brantley
  4. Mark Trumbo


  1. Michael Conforto
  2. Travis Jankowski
  3. Kike Hernandez ... It's his bobblehead day. Fun.
  4. Austin Meadows
  5. Chris Young


  1. JD Martinez - OF - Chairman
  2. Freddie Freeman - 1B
  3. Scott Schebler - OF
  4. Michael Conforto - OF
  5. Elias Diaz - C
  6. Scooter Gennett - 2B
  7. Manny Machado - SS
  8. Mike Moustakas - 3B
  9. BONUS ............................. Mitch Haniger - OF