Dongers Club - Wed June 27th

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Keep an eye out on the weather tonight as there's a few games with rain and wind in the forecast

Mariners/Orioles, Yankees/Phillies, Pirates/Mets -- All three games should play but all three have some rain, humidity and wind blowing OUT.

UPDATE ... Two arms not listed below that I am open to using include Alex Wood (chalky) and Ricky Porcello ... With Porcello we got cooler temps than last night and an Angels team who despite all the love he is getting, has an injured and relatively cold by his standards Mike Trout. Teams aren't pitching him down right now and he has a hurt hand that is really limiting him. He hasnt homered in a while and I'm sure that means he will hit 3 tonight now that I went on this tirade about it.....


Once again we are seeing that paying a premium for pitching is just too risky as Corey Kluber has gotten shelled in two of his last three starts -- the guy who was the most dependable arm out there. Yeah, Severino was solid last night but so were mid range arms as well. So let's find the guy that we feel has the best matchup and ignore their price at first then decide from a game theory perspective how to play it.

It's what appears to be a thin pitching slate to the untrained DFS eye tonight without a clear cut stud arm at the top. Bumgarner is the clear cut "name" on this slate but when you hear folks saying "the pitching tonight stinks" you shouldn't automatically translate that into thinking there will be a ton of offense. Not the case, it's actually a slate where I think we see some decent pitching performances, but nothing that blows you away given the price you are paying for each of the arm.

Basically this is the type of slate where we have guys who are a lock to throw 5 innings but likely no more than 6 innings, while striking out 5, giving up 6-7 walks/hits and 2 to 3 earned runs. Basically, it's a slate loaded with guys like Kyle Hendricks................ Oh hey. Kyle Hendricks is pitching tonight!

Happy Hendrix slate.

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All Along the Watchtower Tier ... The good but sometimes over-played guys ....

  1. Madison Bumgarner ... Folks will see the name, the recent game against the Padres and go all in with Bumgarner tonight. He draws Colorado in cooler temps in a pitchers park. Throw in that he's the late night hammer and lets not overthink it now but you and I, we've been through that, and Bum choking is not our fate.
  2. Robbie Ray ... Ray should be a popular play even though he is coming off the DL. He's a heavy favorite against the Marlins who might be without J.T. Realmuto again tonight. For only 10k on DK he just needs to really go 5 innings given his strikeout rate to put you into a relatively decent spot. If they let him go deeper then it could be a really good night for Ray coming back off the DL.

Purple Haze Tier ... Not sure how they do it, but they do it ....

  1. Clayton Richard ... It basically seems that as long as he isn't facing the Dodgers or Giants lately he's a completely new pitcher. Lefties against the Rangers have good K% upside and outside of Choo getting on base to extend his streak I think Richard fares well tonight -- and Choo may even sit vs the lefty.
  2. Kyle Gibson ... I think there's gonna be runs in this game but he's been good this year and the White Sox lineup is very thin and won't touch him up for power too much tonight.

Foxy Lady Tier ... You know you wanna do it ...

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  1. Wei-Yin Chen ... It's coming, the south beach game is coming... Tonight or tomorrow afternoon the DBacks are getting shut down.


Let me Stack Against Your Fire ... Because, how could I not do this?

  1. OAKLAND ... Alright now listen, scout. You don't care for Lowrie, I don't care about that, Got a new Olson, ha I like it like that. I have only one burning desire, Let me stack against Mike Fiers....... K. Davis and Matt Olson, cannot like them more today againt Fiers.
  2. SAN DIEGO ... They should scare folks off after last night but they're better suited to stack against lefties. Hosmer's day is today.



  1. Mike Zunino
  2. JR Murphy
  3. Sandy Leon


  1. Matt Olson
  2. Eric Hosmer
  3. Logan Morrison


  1. Brian Dozier
  2. Yoan Moncada
  3. Niko Goodrum


  1. Danny Valencia
  2. Adrian Beltre
  3. Christian Villanueva


  1. Jean Segura
  2. Didi Gregorius
  3. Manny Machado


  1. JD Martinez
  2. Rhys Hoskins
  3. Khris Davis
  4. Matt Joyce


  1. Mitch Haniger
  2. Mark Trumbo
  3. Eddie Rosario
  4. Michael Brantley


  1. Lonnie Chisenhall
  2. Hunter Renfroe
  3. Adam Jones
  4. Dustin Fowler ... I Hope he is low in the order


  1. Matt Joyce - OF - Chairman
  2. Khris Davis - OF
  3. Matt Olson - 1B
  4. Mike Zunino - C
  5. Gleyber Torres - 2B
  6. Jean Segura - SS
  7. Hunter Renfroe - OF
  8. Danny Valencia - 3B
  9. BONUS ........................................... JD Martinez - OF