Wed Afternoon MLB DFS - Dongers Club

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Both sites have the same 4 game slate -- the good is that they're in sync -- the bad is that the juicy game is the Reds vs Braves with two horrible pitchers going.


All four games early play. Good winds for lefties in Chicago


  1. Mad Max ... The Nats are looking really bad offensively so they're gonna need a big performance from Max today to win... Or they just need the Giants to roll out Jeff Samardzjia in a day game... HOLY HELL, the Shark is playing in a day game. Aight. Max needs a 10k performance to hit his # -- but he's gonna win this game. Try to fit Max in on both sites first.
  2. King Felix ... I'm paying up for some bats today. King Felix is my guy.... He's not the #1 scoring pitcher on the slate. But for his price, he's my guy. This is a high risk play.


  1. Nick Tropeano ... With a 2pm game and 90 degree temps they should be closing the roof in Houston today and that would benefit both pitchers. The Halo's are making a statement this series and they'll continue today with Tropeano. The Astros have yet to go off at home outside of a series against the Orioles and the little league team down the street could hit the Orioles staff that series as well.

With a small 4 game slate, here's a brief snapshot on the players I like ... listed in order of preference.

CATCHER - Zunino

FIRST BASE - Matt Adams / Ryan Zimmerman -- Check which one starts. Likely Adams gets the call today in a day game. Zimm is a fragile one.

SECOND BASE - Cano, Moncada, LeMahieu

THIRD BASE - Arenado, Seager

SHORTSTOP - Turner, Cozart

OUTFIELD - Cruz, Myers, Upton, Blackmon, Gordon, Pirela, Dahl, Haniger, Margot, Delmonico, Williamson


  1. Seattle ... They should be way more popular than the Nationals who I think are the sneaky pivot above. Lock in Cano though if you can which means we're going 2nd base in the utility spot on FD.


  1. Washington Nationals ... I always play against Shark in day games. It's what I do because he constantly is worse in them. All the Turner and Zimm if he is in. If not, I'll gladly take Matt Adams chalk


  1. Houston Astros ... They have crushed Tropeano, but they're cold right now and that history was in LA where the Astros always seem to rake. That's why they're #3 today. If the roof is closed, they're my fade. You gotta fade someone on a 4 game slate


  1. Robinson Cano - 2B - Chairman
  2. Charlie Blackmon - OF
  3. Matt Adams - 1B
  4. Trea Turner - SS
  5. Kyle Seager - 3B
  6. Wil Myers - OF
  7. Justin Upton - OF
  8. Mike Zunino - C
  9. BONUS .............. DJ LeMahieu - 2B

Double Dongs: Cano & Arenado

Cycle Watch: Myers & Turner