Sunday MLB DFS Dongers Club - Apr 29

Sunday Dongers Club from Steve Renner (SDCHICKENS)
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All 12 games play today -- most have less than ideal Sunday afternoon baseball weather with some wind.

  • Tampa @ Boston - Only PPD risk ... should play though.... i'm fading.



GERRIT COLE ... We can definitely put some truth into that his first three starts saw the K totals increase because two were against Texas and one against San Diego. But there's no denying that Cole has jumped into that conversation of A- elite pitchers. He's going 7 innings each start without much concern facing 26 batters in EACH of his last four starts. This is not the Oakland teams of old where we pick on them for strikeouts though, but Cole is underpriced for what he will give you today on FanDuel. Expect 7 innings, 7 strikeouts and 2 ER plus the win. Not must own dominant, but not bad either.

ROBBIE RAY ... How he is 9300 on FD today is questionable to me at best. A guy who can throw 10K in 5 innings in any matchup should be 10k minimum. A guy who can go 8 innings on top of that should be 11k. But here we are with a 9300 Ray against the Nationals who aren't completely lifeless right now, but they're not someone who should scare you completely off a discounted Ray like this. I think we see a ton of Ray ownership on DK compared to Cole on FD.

Unfortunately, this is the smart tier to live in today....

J.A. Happ ... Not a stud, but he will be chalk. I don't see him beating the two guys above so I have zero reason to use him.


So those who follow the Sunday Dongers Club know that this is the pitching tier I live in on Sunday's and it often doesn't kill me... Welp. I found myself on two guys today that I can't stomach going but they're just calling to me and the more I looked at things the more I find myself just eating the Sunday Ace chalk and going down to the Longshot tier on DK to pair my pitchers together. But we got traditions to uphold and rules to stand by, so here without further ado are your Sunday Mid Tier Garbage Pitchers.......

KEVIN GAUSMAN ... The Gas-man not only has done well against these Tiger bats but he's gonna get his boy Caleb Joseph catching him. With a strong cross wind today I think that could help his movement out and also help avoid a Miggy oppo field HR. Yes, Gausman is my favorite in this tier today. Scary, but that's the point of this tier.

aaaaaaaaand now for the guy you can pair him with on DK .....

GIO GONZALEZ ... There are no words here........ Just know that I do have him in the Sunday Nifty Fifty on DK.

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CALEB SMITH ... Marlins pitchers at home on Sunday's. The Hangover Theory..... Added bonus is that we get a lefty with a decent matchup against the Rockies today. Very cheap and is proven enough in my mind. Some will look at the other side and Chad Bettis who I do think pitches better today but honestly I don't wanna pick on the Marlins lineup as they have proven all year to be pesky.

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MARTIN PEREZ ... How does one combat the Jays chalk fade? With Martin Perez -- that's how.



  1. Salvadong Perez ... Wouldn't shock me to see Salvy get the day off today or DH after he almost got into a fight with Tim Anderson last night. Hey Timmy, maybe you should try acting like you have actually done something in your career next time you lead off a game with a home run and then try to tell a Gold Glove World Champion like Salvador Perez to calm down when he simply tells you to go easy on the showboating. Enjoy the fastball in your ass today.... Also, side note. I look forward to the crying form the trash White Sox broadcasters when Anderson gets plunked. F off Chicago.
  2. Evan Gattis
  3. Jason Castro


  1. Jose Abreu
  2. Carlos Santana
  3. Freddie Freeman
  4. Josh Bell

Deepest infield position by far today (as usual lately). Santana and Freeman are the two guys I really wanna load up on from my favorite game. Josh Bell and the Pirates will be sneaky against Weaver today.


  1. Cesar Hernandez
  2. Brian Dozier
  3. Whit Merrifield


  1. Kris Bryant - May go overlooked today due to mediocre temps in Wrigley and the Cubs overall being quiet.
  2. Yangervis Solarte
  3. Kyle Seager - Well...... We're waiting!


  1. Manny Machado
  2. Eduardo Escobar


  1. Eddie Rosario
  2. Mookie Betts
  3. Rhys Hoskins
  4. Adam Jones ... This feels like an Adam Jones Sunday special day.


  1. Mitch Haniger
  2. Starling Marte
  3. Ryan Braun
  4. Nick Markakis
  5. Bryce Harper

OUTFIELD - Tier 3 ... Love this tier today

  1. Michael A. Taylor
  2. Max Kepler
  3. Adam Duvall
  4. Jorge Soler
  5. Steve Pearce ... Fading because I am fading Jays chalk
  6. Bradley Zimmer ..... Bradley Zimmer batting 2nd
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BLUE JAYS ... I'm never a fan of heavy Blue Jays chalk and Martin Perez is someone who can do a little rabbit out of his hat every once and a while. Add in the fact that Perez already had two disaster starts this season and I think we could see a good Perez today against a team who in my mind isn't a must own stack today...... I'll have zero Jays.


PHILLIES ... It's Brandon McCarthy, who in case you missed it got shredded in his last start despite being a popular pick. He is a whipping boy for me and will be until he ends up on the DL or DFA'd.... Why this guy is ever popular is beyond me. There's not much in terms of great ballparks of weather conditions today, so lets pick on the worst pitcher and bullpen combination we can find and that would be here with the Phils vs the Braves. The wind isn't ideal for home runs but the bullpen for the Braves is bad enough to give us reason for the Phillies bats to wake up today and they'll be pretty low owned as well. Cesar & Carlos.

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TWINS .... This has been the best series of the weekend for offense (in terms of the games going early today) and the Twins should get another Win today as they have Berrios on the hill. I like Mahle a lot but this is a team that can rake on Sunday's and should blitz him today

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ROYALS .... Fireworks are coming. The Royals are tired of getting beat up and watching the White Sox hit home run after home run in their ballpark and it almost escalated in the second game last night. With Kennedy and Santiago on the hill today this game is either gonna be a 1-0 pitchers duel or complete bananas. Given the weather, I think it's complete bananas and we see some fireworks in this game today. With that said, Santiago used to do well against the old Royals, but these are the new Royals (note, the old Royals were obviously way better) and I think the likes of Whit-Soler and Salvadong will chew him up today. Yes, I just touted Jorge Soler.

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  1. Eddie Rosario - OF - Chairman
  2. Salvador Perez - C
  3. Jose Abreu - 1B
  4. Brian Dozier - 2B
  5. Manny Machado - SS
  6. Kyle Seager - 3B
  7. Jorge Soler - OF
  8. Nick Markakis - OF
  9. BONUS ............ Adam Jones - OF