Memorial Day Dongers Club


Happy Memorial Day! Monday, May 28th, 2018

I actually think FanDuel got it right today and not DraftKings. There are seven games that start in the 1pm-2pm EST time window and that is the FD Early slate today, while DraftKings combined that with the 5 games that all begin in the 4pm time window. I suspect that FD will add a second mid day slate for you degenerates. This is going to focus on all 12 games in both early slates although I prefer the idea of doing just the 7 gamer.

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Justin Verlander & Jacob deGrom ... Neither are bad plays today as JV gets a team he has struck out a ton and deGrom has been really good vs Atlanta in a couple starts this year and won't have Acuna in the lineup today. Personally I don't think either puts up a dominant performance though, so I am paying down below them to get all the hitters I want today. But if you wanna roll with some of the value bats on FD then I would go JV.

David Price ... I hate going Price but this is a bad Toronto lineup. Expect him to be the chalk play on FD. I am fading.


Chris Archer (DK) ... Oakland remains cold without K.Davis in the lineup. Archer started the season really bad but has looked like the Archer everyone loves with 2 ER or less in 4 of his last 5 starts and the one hiccup was in Baltimore where he always struggles.

Caleb Smith (DK) ... I am seeing some folks consider Lauer on the other side here. No, don't. He's bad. Caleb Smith on the other hand has been a decent bright spot for the Marlins this year showing decent ability to get strikeouts while limiting power. I like the Marlins side more than the Padres side despite the long trip out west.

Trevor Cahill (DK) ... Gamestacking pitchers might not be the worst move on DK today and Archer/Cahill are both locked in against each other. Archer has the better K upside and Cahill faces a perceived weaker lineup.

Aaron Sanchez ... I mentioned paying down on FD in reference to JV and deGrom and it's hard to do today to be perfectly honest. But no Mookie again and Sanchez coming off his best start of the season and going on the road in cooler temps -- he's better on the road.


Mike Montgomery & Max Fried ... Both are 4K punt plays on DK who if they can simply keep the pitch counts down and get into the 4th inning should return value if you wanna lock in JV there.



Washington Nationals ... The trifecta hits the Nationals today. Huge Park Shift + Struggling SP + Bad Bullpen = Stack away.... Throw in the added bonus of getting a DH due to inter-league play and Cobb is horrible vs lefties so far this year. Harper will be an easy chalk play, but it's Matt Adams who you can't ignore here folks. You played this f'tard in Nationals Park when he was min price simply because he was min price and had good splits. Well guess what, his splits are just as good and the ballpark is 10x better, so what if his price is higher. You play guys because you think they are going to perform well no matter what their cost and this is the best spot Adams has been in all season. There, I just put the kiss of death on the guy, but Matt Adams is the top play here for me. Soto, Michael A. Taylor and Trea Turner the other favorite Nationals. Rendon because 3B sucks. Yeah, the whole f'n team.... But I'm going Adams-Turner-Soto as my 3 man core.

Cleveland Indians (DK) ... The Tribe bats are hot and they're gonna have to carry this team until an act of God can save the bullpen. Lindor is happy to see Houston leave town as he can go back to beating up mediocre pitching but the lock button play all week for me is Edwin Encarnacion. Melky also has been swinging the bat well lately and faces his former team today.... Granted, the guy has like 100 former teams but hey.

LA Angels ... They're #3 among these 3 for me today but they're very popular with a high total and going into 90 degree temps in Detroit. Kinsler and Upton (Questionable) have the narrative and this Trout guy has been pretty good lately. There's some Pujols in Detroit narrative as well I just cant put my finger on it right now. Matt Boyd is a better arm at home which is why I have them down slightly. I think Detroit wins.


Deeeeeeeeeeeetroiiiiiiiiit Tigers ... I don't have their lineup yet, but Miggy could return and they're hitting LHP very well. Great temps and to me they've got all the same positive factors that the Angels have yet nobody is on them today.

Houston Astros ... Correa loves hitting in Yankee stadium. Altuve is scorching hot and they've got plenty of switch hitters who have enough power to play into the right field HR power that is Yankee stadium.

Arizona Diamondbacks ... Rare is the day that a team facing Homer Bailey is considered sneaky -- especially in Chase Field. But with the roof closed and recent humidor success we could see Arizona fall under the radar because they're ATROCIOUS right now. Goldschmidt believe it or not is the one Diamondback who has turned it on of late. The hope here is that going back home will ignite Lamb and Peralta and the top 3 guys would be the ones to lock in for Arizona today against Homer Bailey.


Normally I hate listing more than 3 to 4 guys at a position, but with the slates being so split I felt I gotta give you multiple options on each slate so that's why you see this deeper than normal.



Catcher Sucks today, but on FD it might be the sharp play to lock in a cheap value C, so here's some guys to consider ....

  1. James McCann ... Always hits well vs LHP and in day games and like I said above, Tigers pull the upset today.
  2. Brian McCann ... Going back to Yankee stadium.
  3. Alex Avila


  1. Matt Adams / Mark Reynolds ... So Adams I detailed above, but it's Reynolds who DESTROYS teams he used to play for and Baltimore is one of them. Returning to Camden Yards which really is good for LH and RH batters is an ideal spot to pivot over to Reynolds here. Gut call of the day, Adams gets his points, but Reynolds gets a Grand Slam. Use Reynolds at 3B on DK
  2. Edwin Encarnacion
  3. Anthony Rizzo ... Rakes in PNC Park.
  4. Joey Votto ... Nobody will have him because 1B is so deep today, he's a 2% HR call, but I'm all in on EE on my main lineup.


  1. Ian Kinsler ... Dude, if you can't do it back against your former team and a LHP in 90 degree temps it's time to hang em up.
  2. Jason Kipnis
  3. Kolten Wong


  1. Mark Reynolds
  2. Jose Bautista ... 3B isn't great on FD and he is 2k hitting cleanup.
  3. Jeimer Candelario
  4. Kyle Seager
  5. Jake Splish Splash Lamb


  1. Francisco Lindor
  2. Trea Turner
  3. Manny Machado
  4. Amed Rosario


  1. Bryce Harper
  2. Michael Trout
  3. Juan Soto
  4. Adam Jones
  5. Nick Castellanos


  1. Tommy Pham
  2. Mitch Haniger ... Seattle's offense is cold and banged up -- but it's DOUG FISTER!
  3. Kyle Schwarber
  4. Christian Yelich ... Favorite Brewer today.
  5. Michael Brantley


  1. Daniel Palka ... Lefties in Cleveland, it's time!
  2. David Peralta
  3. Melky Cabrera
  4. Cameron Maybin
  5. Preston Tucker


  1. Matt Adams - 1B - Chairman ... Lord I've seen it all now...
  2. Mark Reynolds - 3B
  3. Adam Jones - OF
  4. Daniel Palka - OF
  5. Ian Kinsler - 2B
  6. Carlos Correa - SS
  7. James McCann - C
  8. Christian Yelich - OF
  9. BONUS .................. Edwin Encarnacion - 1B