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Early Slate Dongers Club

Two games got rained out yesterday, which has given the gift of another MLB 2 game slate.

Two games got rained out yesterday, which has given the gift of another MLB 2 game slate.

I personally don't feel that there is a specific set of rules you should have on a short slate. Typically playing on FanDuel can feel easier because you are only having to select one pitcher and won't have to match-up a hitter against your pitcher as you might have to end up doing on DK just to make a lineup work. But one thing on DK to consider is the use of a RP when all the SP options are really weak. It should go without saying, but on the small slate, that win from the SP can be even larger, however when there is one SP at the top by himself, he's always a good fade to rule out 80% of the field.

For hitters, we don't have to stack a small slate, each one is going to be different and you need to be aware of if you have to play or fade the 80% owned chalk Mike Trout on a small 2 game slate.

Here's a quick view at Friday, March 30th 2 game afternoon slate.

  • Pittsburgh (Nova) @ Detroit (Zimmerman) ... 38 degrees
  • Washington (Scherzer) @ Cincinnati (Bailey) ... 52 degrees, light rain


Max Scherzer ... Max is a machine and a joy to watch. But rostering 100% of him in his first start, in 52 degrees and rain at the smallest ballpark in the league is typically an easy fade. However, down to two games you strongly should consider locking him in on DK but there is a good path to fading him there which I'll touch on below. The projected line for Scherzer today I think is 6 innings, 5 hits/walks and 2 ER given up with 8 strikeouts. The Reds are a really good offense. No Max at all for me on FD.

Image result for ivan nova

Ivan Nova ... We have a game that has sub 40 degree temps and slight winds out to right field (8 mph). And the Tigers lineup is not murders row. Lock in Nova for me on FD today because I trust the Pirates bullpen a ton more than the Tigers to hold the lead.

Nova is my guy

Jordan Zimmerman ... JZ is a whipping boy in DFS and in the big leagues. But JZ usually starts off the season strong (I know this didnt work well for Shields in the first inning yesterday, but honestly -- it was one pitch to Duda that did him in, he bounced back). That said Zimmerman is ONLY being mentioned as an SP2 consideration on DK where maybe we can see the Tigers get 6 strong innings out of him to negate Max and allow you to get off the field and pray for a Max rough first start.


Nationals ... The Nats should rake against Homer Bailey today. Lock in Harper and Turner and move on from there.

Reds ... I am gonna play early on DK with no Max and the best route back is to stack a few Reds. Max dominates righties but can be a HR machine for lefty power guys. Scott Schebler, Joey Votto and Jesse Winker are the lefties to target.

Pirates ... I'll be under-owned on the Pirates but they should be chalk against JZ


Bryce Harper - He always murders the ball on Opening Day.

Scott Schebler - Mentioned good splits matchup vs Max for a HR.

Corey Dickerson - The one Pirate that does worry me for JZ today. If you run out the Pirates play CD and Adam Frazier


Catcher - Wieters, Cervelli

First - Votto, Miggy, Bell (Bell was on fire in spring training, hate the weather though)

Second - Machado, Gennett

Third - Rendon, Suarez

Short - Turner

OF - Harper, Schebler, Dickerson, Eaton, Frazier, Taylor


Bryce Harper and Scott Schebler