KBO Dongers Club - Friday, May 22nd


Happy Friday, or soon to be Friday somewhere. Actually, in KBO world it is Friday already and hopefully if you are one of those brave souls who wakes up early for the games tomorrow you'll confirm your starting lineups ahead of the games. The actual hitters didn't bother me so much as pitchers changing -- but it was a slate that was fairly predictable going in as far as pitching was concerned so that was good. You know you want to go heavy this weekend as it's technically a holiday weekend and what's better than Holiday Baseball DFS. So go big or go home.

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Let's have a great KBO weekend as new series begin and I'm getting to this article a little late otherwise it would have been GIFtastic, but there's always tomorrow for that.... Or maybe I'll work some in today as well.

What is a GIF, who invented the image format, how is it pronounced ...


It's fine, a couple games have light rain concerns but should play.


Back to the American's tonight and it's Blake Lively night (ok, Ben Lively), as he is back on the hill.

Pin on gifs.

Other known names tonight include Warwick Saupold Casey Kelly, Jake Brigham and Odrisamer Desp... Despaigna... Despaig... Despahhh-not-gonna-work here anymore...

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My Rankings

This is a wonderful pitching slate but not in terms of how well they're gonna do. Lots of games are in hitters parks so there's no clear path tonight to your 1&2 arms. Naturally we are seeing the heavy favorites eat up the chalk and I don't wanna double down on that when we have so much volatility likely out there again. I expect the bats to heat up this weekend.

  1. Hyun Jong Yang (Kia Tigers - $9000) ... The southpaw should be a little too chalky tonight but he has over 20% strikeout rate and faces a team who also has a 20% strikeout rate. Despite being on the road he should get enough strikeouts tonight to give good value -- but I expect some homers in this game on both sides. He has given up 3 already this year and it's a good homer park. Expect him to be chalky and given how much I fear the other pitchers today I say we eat him on DK as one of the two -- but you can avoid it on FanDuel.
  2. Ben Lively (Samsung Lions - $7300) ... I've made fun of him in the past, but now settling into his third start of the season Lively should closer resemble the 2019 KBO version which had a 1.12 WHIP through 9 starts and only allowed 4 HR while striking out 58 over 57 innings. Lively is a heavy underdog but to me he gets his first win tonight.


Highest implied totals ... In other words the fucking chalk for the lazy DFS players ... Kia Tigers, Doosan Bears, NC Dinos


Kiwoom Heroes

The fucking Heroes, that's all I'll say. They never seem to be right but tonight they're facing arguably the worst SP on the slate in Kyung Eun Noh. Well, let me tell you, I Noh this guy is giving up 2 homers tonight, including a #CatcherFriday 2-run shot to Dong Won Park in the first inning. Given their run total and cheap prices, the Heroes cannot be faded tonight.

  • ByungHo Park (1B)
  • Dong Won Park (C)
  • Keon Chang Seo (2B)


Hanwha Eagles - Fly. Eagles. Fly.

Great hitters park and Young Gyu Kim has been too 'decent' to start this season. Lefties all over the board today which will scare people away from the Eagles against a LHP on the mound, but this guy gives up homers like his name is Homer Bailey. Don't shy away from the lefties, including Jared Hoying.

  • Jin Ho Jung (OF)
  • Eun Won Jung (3B) -- Because 3B Always Sucks
  • Jared Hoying (OF)

Other Exposure From: Twins



  1. Dong Won Park
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  1. ByungHo Park - KIW
  2. Roberto Ramos - LG - Blah Blah, too fucking cheap still


  1. Keon Chang Seo - KIW ... If he leads off as expected he's the #1 play on the slate. Suck it
  2. Joo Hwan Choi - DOO


  1. Joo Hyung Kim - KIW
  2. Won Seok Lee - SAM

Guess who I am not playing: Jeong Choi ... What a fucking waste of space this guy is. Seriously, is he the Asian version of Matt Adams or what? This guy has hit 1 HR on the season, it was opening Day and he was supposed to be the best 3B in the fucking league. What a sham. Get this guy off my player pool, he sucks.


  1. Sun Bin Kim - KIA
  2. Next question


  1. Jared Hoying - HAN
  2. Preston Tucker - KIA
  3. Hyun Soo Kim - LG
  4. Hyung Woo Choi - KIA


  1. Jun Woo Jean - LOT


CHAIRMAN: Jared Hoying - Eagles