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I know that the slate this article is being written for is on a Saturday, but technically today is a Friday and it's been a damn good KBO DFS week thus far and I just saw my local watering hole here in Virginia had customers outside drinking and eating in total relaxation. Now, if only I can get them to open up at 4am so I can drink while watching KBO tomorrow then we'll have it a success....

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Well. They did it. DraftKings finally pulled a fucktard move. Yep, I called them that. They deserve it for being more greedy than the MLB players association right now. DraftKings has split the 1:00 AM game off from the 4:00 AM games tomorrow leaving us with a stupid single game showdown slate at 1:00 AM (have fun with that......) and then the main slate at 4:00 AM. Ugh. My body has been conditioned into waking up at 5:00 am fairly well recently and now this shit. Might go easy tomorrow... What do you think?

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Oh, as for the MLB PA. They are being really stupid trying to call the owners bluff. The owners stand to lose money no matter what this year, so why would the owners care if the full season gets cancelled? In ever labor scenario the players end up looking worse than the owners and these two have an upcoming labor dispute at the end of 2021. If they dont play this year it just puts the balls of the players into the owners hands in 18 months when they go into some serious labor strife.

I will spare everyone of the inevitable GIF associated with balls and getting ripped out.

You are welcome.

Oh, and the LG TWINS vs KIA TIGERS is the game not on the slate. Which means no weekend Rosario's. Bitches....


It's all good. RIP to the now unemployed KBO Weather Touts.


Mike Wright ($8,900 - NC Dinos)

A crappy pitcher we pick on in the majors equals a pitcher we crave to roster when he is in Korea. That my friends is Mr. Mike Wright. Things going for him today include the following (grab your pen and paper)....

  • He is holding opposing hitters to just .188 AVG
  • He is striking out over 21% of his opponents
  • His opponent, the Lions, suck worse than the Detroit Lions and per my proprietary model are a hot garbage with 18.2 K% and just a .131 ISO.
  • He's also a Capricorn and you know what they say about Capricorn's....
  • Actually, I'm not really sure what they say about Capricorn's.
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William 'Tequila' Cuevas ($7,700 - KT Wiz)

There's certainly not much to be excited about for second pitchers on DraftKings with only four games going and some pretty less than high upside choices out there. I am going with a road underdog in Cuevas who faces a Kiwoom team thats certainly been riding pretty well the past few games but it's here or go with a gamestack in the Dinos/Lions game with Buchanan paired with Wright and that ain't where I wanna go. Cuevas, which reminds me of Jose Curevo Tequila, isn't gonna strike out the world but overall he pitches fairly well and I sense him being a nice contrarian play today vs Kiwoom.

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Ricardo Pinto ($7,400 - Wyverns)

I would play him with a Wyverns stack. Generally I'm not a Pinto guy but there are NO Eagles today I want to roster.


SK Wyverns

WTF. Why are they so heavily favored? This is terrible news for ownership on what was gonna be my top team after watching them heat up. Jeong Choi was a highly touted player who started horridly but as we've paid attention he's really heated up in the last three games and no reason for someone with so much positive history to slow down now against Shi Hwan Jang - a former Giant who has struggled even more with the Eagles this season. He's normally someone hitters hit around .300 against and lefties are smashing him up so far this season -- which added on top with Choi (RHB) being on fire will mean lots of runs scored here.

  • Soo Kwang Noh - OF
  • Jun Hyeok Oh - OF
  • Jeong Choi - 3B/SS
  • Jin Gi Jeong - OF

Doosan Bears

They were just blah last night and will be facing a pitcher for the second time this year in Jun Woo Seo. Advantage again to the Bears who have been fiddling around with their lineup but they have lots of good value players. If you wanna get up by 4:00 AM to check lineups this is the first one to validate to see who is hitting #1 as they'll be chalk -- but we saw last night that doesn't always translate into the right results. The RH bats are the sneaky plays here.

  • Jose Fernandez - 1B/2B
  • Jae Ho Kim - SS ... Nice value at SS, consistently is getting soem points each night
  • Kyoung Min Hur - 3B ... I bet he is very chalky coming off a 26 last night and has 3 double digit results in the past week at $2600 on DK
  • Jae Hwan Kim - 1B/OF ... Started off on fire but has cooled off. His price remains high though and his ownership remains 30-50%. Logically he is a fade spot given the less than awesome production of late but the burst will come soon.

NC Dino's

They draw ole David Buchanan tonight. For an update on Buchanan will do, lets go to our chief David Buchanan correspondent

Sometimes Maybe Good GIF - Sometimes MaybeGood MaybeShit ...

Exactly. Simply put though Buchanan has been murdered by Korean Lefties. Which begs the question, how exactly does one say Lefties in Korea?

  • Sung Bum Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na Na. Hey Hey Hey, Good Byeeeeeeeee .... - OF
  • Min Woo Park - 2B
  • Myung Gi Lee - OF
  • Jin Hyuk No - 2B/SS ... A nice $1300 pivot off Min Woo Park at much lower ownership too
  • Aaron Altherr - OF ... Former Philly on Former Philly Crime. 1 K, 1 Dong



  1. Eui Ji Yang (NCD)
  2. Hong Gu Lee (SK)


  1. Jose Fernandez (DOO)
  2. Jae Hwan Kim (DOO)
  3. Joo Hwan Choi (DOO)
  4. Play someone on the Bears, OK?


  1. Chi Hong An (LOT)
  2. Min Woo Park (NCD)


  1. Jeong Choi (SK)


  1. Jae Ho Kim (DOO)
  2. Jin Hyuk No (NCD)


  1. Jun Woo Jeon (LOT)
  2. Aaron Altherr (NCD)
  3. Sung Bum Trout (NCD)
  4. Soo Kwang Noh (SK)


  1. Byung Hun Min (LOT)
  2. Jun Hyeok Oh (SK)



Jeoing Choi - SK Wyverns