MLB DFS - 8/28

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Only thing of note today is that it's not very humid in Baltimore, and as detailed last week that means we might be safe from a complete home run fest in this game.

Monday slate, so new series everywhere.

Teams continuing homestands from the weekend: Yankees, Phillies, Blue Jays, Nationals, Angels

Teams playing at home for the first time in a week: Rockies, Cubs, Padres

Team who traveled the most lately: Padres


We got some studs today, which is going to actually lead to everyone focusing on the same hitters today. If you want these guys your value for hitters is in the Outfield believe it or not.

Corey Kluber ... He's my favorite guy at the top because I'm confident he'll get 50+ FD points and give you a nice return on the investment, but the difference between him and Scherzer today is minimal. Sorry, it's a cop out prediction, but I'm not gonna force something beyond the obvious. Max is more likely to win but Kluber is the guy I think will pay off better in the end. 7 2/3 innings, 1 solo HR and 9 K.

Max Scherzer ... Returning from injury and facing a red hot Marlins team who hits well in DC. No thanks for me today. I know his injury was very minor and is more of a result of the Nationals having a huge lead in the division and being able to rest him some. Given that, I don't think he's going to pitch a complete game today and will take the salary relief with Kluber between these two.... 7 innings, 3 ER and 8 K.


Jeff Samardzjia ... Padres return home after a trip across the country and Shark has pitched very well against them. He's going to be a popular combination with Coors field and Camden yards tonight.

Aaron Nola ... Nola vs the Braves is tempting. This kid has worked his way into being a legit #2/#3 arm in this league and Freeman has really cooled off lately and turned into just a "good" hitter. I think he's somewhat of a trap today though so I'd be careful with going all on him.

Mike Montgomery ... Pittsburgh has died again. McCutchen is completely lost at the plate and frustrated and all the garbage players like Mercer, Freese, etc. aren't producing as they normally don't. Monty isn't someone who gives us a ton of innings, but for an SP2 play on DK today you'll find worse options.


Chris Tillman ... Former Mariner who was a part of the big Erik Bedard trade coming over to Baltimore with Adam Jones. Why does this matter? Well, Tilly has turned around and gone 7-1 with a 3.30 ERA against Seattle in his career since the trade. He's bad and will be picked on today, but it's not that hot and there's no humidity in Camden Yards and don't be shocked when he pitches well and only gives up 2 ER.

Austin Pruitt ... 0-0-0.... What's that? Yeah, the Royals offense. It's bad right now. Make no mistake though, they'll start to heat up back at home. However, it might not come until the 5th/6th inning tonight. Sal Perez has no business hitting right now and Moose is banged up too. Pruitt will pitch well until Moss hits a 2-run homer off him in the 5th inning and breaks the Royals scoreless streak.

Drew Pomeranz ... Gut feeling he pitches well...


Angels ... I really like both sides here in some warm temps for Angels Stadium. Lets see how the Marine layer does tonight at limiting the home-run pop of Mike Trout.

Rays ... Ian Kennedy + Rays HR bats... Yikes... Too bad Colby Rasmus retired.

Phillies ... How do we not keep riding the Phillies? Hoskins, Williams, Cam-Rupp!


Indians ... Lindor, Ramirez, Bruce and Santana coming into Yankee stadium where Severino (who you might have noticed I didn't mention) has had some problems this year. Judge will crank one out for the Yanks and the Indians will respond with 3 bombs of their own.

Athletics ... Better vs RHP but Heaney won't last long and Oakland benefits from the hitting conditions as well.


Mariners (outside of Cano)

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  • Tyler Flowers
  • Wilson Ramos
  • Beef Castillo
  • Cameron Rupp


  • Mark Reynolds - Lock and Load.
  • Logan Morrison
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Albert Pujols


  • Robinson Cano - 127 for 349 (.364 BA) with 15 HR in his career at Camden. Not bad.
  • Ian Happ
  • Jose Ramirez
  • Brad Miller - Kid must love Missouri or something.


  • Nolan!
  • Luis Valbuena
  • Evan Longoria
  • Pablo Sandoval


  • Frankie Lindor
  • Andrelton Simmons
  • Alcides Escobar
  • Tim Beckham


  • Adam Jones - Narrative.
  • Kole Calhoun
  • Charlie Blackmon - He's the guy everyone wants to bang today.
  • Mike Trout - He's my gpp FAVE to double dong -- pivot off Chuck Nasty


  • Aaron Judge - The slump is ending.... and he's benched.
  • Giancarlo Stanton - He's the guy you logically shouldn't play but will shake your head when he hits a 2-run HR in the first inning.
  • Bruce, Jay
  • Khris Davis - Reverse splits guy who still has ZERO homers on the road against lefties... How is that possible?
  • Rhys Hoskins - Alrighty then. Kid can hit....
  • Andrew Benintendi - Stroman is good at home, but this is one trouble-spot today.
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Kyle Schwarber

OUTFIELD - Value Tier

  • Brandon Moss
  • Matt Adams
  • Chad Pinder
  • Denard Span
  • Daniel Nava - Nice spot in the Phils lineup.


  • Nelson Cruz - He's the guy who will flop.


  1. Mark Reynolds - 1B - Chairman
  2. Nolan - 3B - Chairman
  3. Brandon Moss - OF
  4. Kole Calhoun - OF
  5. Marcus Semien - SS
  6. Cameron Rupp - C
  7. Chad Pinder - OF
  8. Robinson Cano - 2B
  9. BONUS ............. Ryon Healy - 1B