Chris Rose

The Staff 

Price - He's seen his former club 4 times this year, combining for 35 k's, 3 quality starts while allowing 8 runs. On a weird night for pitching, he's priced relatively cheap on FanDuel and has pitched well at home.

Canning - More so picking on a bad team then really liking the pitcher. Canning has average k stuff, average around 5-6 k's a game. He picked well earlier in the season against this Detroit team, so if he can limit damage to 2 or 3 runs he should be able to hit value.

Lopez - he's been a strikeout machine over his last 3 starts. 3 quality starts, 25's and the biggest thing is just 4 walks. He's pitching deep into games, and facing a Mets team that really doesn't know whether to be buyers or sellers.

The Bats 

Toronto - Great spot here for the righties. Bichette is already leading off for the club,and Hernandez has been one of the best hitter against LHP over the last 2 weeks.

Yankees -Clarke is a guy who's doesn't strike out a ton of guys, and has struggled away from the humidor. Voit and Didi favorites

Houston - Hot team top to bottom, Brantley back in Cleveland. I know LIC but I love 1-2 today.